Jollibee has become an iconic Philippine product that global apparel company Uniqlo included it among the featured limited edition Asian design series Jollibee has become an iconic Philippine product that global apparel company Uniqlo included it among the featured limited edition Asian design series Photo : Philstar

Jollibee expected in Australia in 2017 Featured

The former ice cream restaurant in Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City in the Philippines became a mega burger fast food restaurant decades later and has become a household name. Jollibee!

in the 17th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition last November 2015, it was announced by Jollibee bosses that they will open soon in Australia.

“Currently, we are present in two (continents), and in the next two years we will see Jollibee in four continents,” Dennis Flores said.
“We are doing our best to open our first stores in the UK and Italy next year, and soon in Australia and Japan. We will continue our journey with Jollibee as a truly global brand.”

The Philippine fast-food restaurant is expected to open in Australia in 2017.

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  • Manila Business Briefs by Clive Troy

    Manila Business Briefs March 2016

    Food in PH. - Lets start with a suggested list of good food establishments in Manila. For those who haven’t been in “Manila” for years we can report that nearly all eating places have lifted their game considerably. That includes the old established “take out” joints from McDonalds up.
    Margarita Fores has just been voted as Asia’s best female chef for 2016. She has what has been described as food “chain” in the city. The highlight of her food empire is CIBO restaurants. Go to www.theworld’
    Also recommended – Mercato Central, Friday and Saturday, 6pm to 3am, Corner 7th Avenue and 25th Street. Go to Farmers Market anytime. Here is the ultimate in up market - Champagne Bar Lusso in Greenbelt.
    While we care talking food – there are reports that the humble coconut is coming out of its shell. Ha ha – joke only. The current market price for dried copra in March was US$1448 per tonne an increase of 50% over the average price in 2013. Also coconut water has jumped 37% over the last two years. Here is a statistic that will impress you. Coconut water exports 66.3 million litres and the oil 2.1 million tonnes Unfortunately typhoon Haiyan in 2013 destroyed 44 million trees, 15% of the existing trees at that time. Like in most agricultural economies, the poor old farmer cops it in the neck again.
    More Bad News – on the growing front, a deadly new banana fungus in creeping around the world. It is known as Panama disease. This disease blocks off the plant vascular system which in affect cuts off the flow of water and nutrients to the plant. It is now in South East Asia, Middle East and now Australia. Very little money has been allocated to stopping the march of the disease. The reason is there is no money. However be rest assured the Australian Government has found 60 Billion dollars to purchase 12 submarines. Its not known if a sub can sink a diseased banana disease but time will tell.
    Sadly, the Spratley dispute continues to expand in spite of no shots being fired – so far. Its all a bit of cat and mouse at the moment. The Philippines continues to really ignore the facts. The Chinese continue to build and develop the air/military/naval presence there. It’s a no stand off stand off. American naval, marine and air force have returned to the Philippines in very small numbers to Clarke and Subic and that’s the latest update. In another development the Philippine Navy impounded a vessel (cargo) in Subic which they considered to be owned/belong to North Korea. The vessel Mu Jin Teng appears to sail under a variety of flags of convenience, but has been declared North Korea along with 31 other floating worldwide. This seizure has been authorized by a United Nations resolution resulting from the claim that North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb. We live in very interesting times.
    Electricity – Philippines – USA – Its too early to report this status. Things will start hotting up in the end of April/May/June. The big one to watch is the USA scene. The problem is serious. In my opinion and a heck of a lot of others, feel Donald Trump is nothing but a serious nutter. People are flabbergasted at the antics and very strange statements coming from his mouth and brain. His presence also demonstrates how the Republican Party lost the control and plot of its internal affairs. These is no sane excuse for what has and is happening. With Donalds finger on the nuke button and the intransigence of North Korea – anything can happen. It appears that everyone took their eyes off the ball, and doesn’t number one shows he know no bounds. We also live in strange times.
    Here is a quick way to make money. Pinch it from a central bank. Yes folks – that’s what happened. It appears two Chinese Nationals organised a transfer of US$101 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank to Manila. Mr Kim Wong, a Manila based gambling junket operator spoke to a Senate hearing in Manila that he helped the men deposit US$81 million with Solaire Casino and Resort. Then there were a series of transfers to other casino bank accounts and guess what? There was no more money to transfer after everyone got their cut. Senator Teofisto Guingona III is chairman of the proceedings expressed his disgust. Older readers will remember the crusading Guingona II and Guindona I faced the same crooked system. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said “right now I think foreign Governments think of the Philippines as a weak link in the international financial system.
    Once again how the game has changed. This snippet relates to shipping in Asia and as you can imagine the Chinese have played a trump card again. The new standard in shipping size is the the Valemar – this master can carry 360,000 tonnes of bulk cargo. The nearest completion is Capesize weighing 180,000 tonnes. As you can imagine this big size has changed the economics of bulk shipping. In 2008 the cost of Capsize was $200,000 per day. Currently a Capsize can be chartered for $2000 per day. Yes - $2000. Needless to say the shipping companies have not passed on the savings.
    Check this movie out – 4 Star – “Metro Manila”. Its social justice, a presentation about poverty, move to live in Manila etc etc. You can get it on SBS On Demand download. Well done by the movie maker.
    The Immigration Minister has announced that after all the behind the scene deals his department managed to settle 2 boat people in Cambodia at a cost of $60 million. One of them did a runner and appears to have gone back to Afghanistan. The whole shambles is typical of the Minister and crew not understanding the ins and outs of the game. All you can see now is the Minister at a press conference surrounded by a bunch of head nodders!
    Naughty Philippines Casinos taking the loot off the table at the Casino in Australia. The Crown CEO proclaimed that “we could have grown double digits if we offered the same as some of the Casinos in the Philippines.” The CEO is Matt Bekier. I’ll give you a tip Matt – its called competition and you ain’t competing. In addition, the drinks are overpriced and the food is lousy. Look internally mate.
    Further Information on the Return of American Forces to The Philippines is to hand – The Philippine Government is making the announcements. So far they have advised that four air bases will be established and one army camp. The return of American forces have been described as a rebalancing exercise. The announced locations are:-
    Fort Magsaysay Luzon – (Army)
    Basa Air Base Luzon
    Mactan Benito Ebuen Air Base Cebu
    Antonio Bautista Air Base Palawan
    Lumbia Air Base Mindanao
    It would appear that the Lumbia Base will have a dual role. Counter Terrorism Operation into Mindanao, an area that is becoming more critical every week. The Islamic threat in Mindanao continues to strengthen. There have been a series of kidnappings of foreigners and a few beheadings of locals who don’t comply with direction.

    A Grand end to Manny Pacquiao's in-ring career, he left the ring in decisive fashion last 9th April on Saturday, earning a unanimous-decision victory at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. All three judges scored the fight 116-110 in favour of Pacquiao. The fighters each carried a win against the other heading into Vegas on Saturday night. Timothy Bradley Jr. won a contentious split decision in June 2012, while Pacquiao left little doubt as to the result with a unanimous-decision victory in April 2014. It was Pacquiao's first fight in nearly a year. Great for Manny and good for the Philippines.

    Lack of Investment News – the reason for no investment news is that there is nothing to report because of the impending elections. Everyone is busy out in the hustings. But its coming soon.

  • Canberra’s small business leads the nation in confidence


    by Canberra CityNews 

     SMALL and medium businesses in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are now the most confident in the nation regarding the health of the economy, according to the latest Sensis Business Index (SBI) survey.

    Sensis Chief Executive Officer John Allan said the number of businesses who think the economy is growing rose from 16 percent to 21 percent this quarter, compared to the national average of 13 percent.

    :ACT businesses were also the least likely to think the economy is slowing at 23 percent, versus the national average of 35 percent,” John said.

    “ACT businesses have knocked off Tasmania to be the most confident about the current state of the economy. The expectations among SMBs are also looking strong this quarter, with the ACT holding the most positive outlook for employment, prices and profitability.”

    “The Index, which reflects the views of 1,000 small and medium businesses from across Australia, also showed that business confidence rose two points to +40 this quarter, putting the ACT in third spot.

    “Confidence has lifted above the national average and it is now more than twice the level recorded one year ago, when it displayed the lowest confidence levels. Businesses are positive about their own unique strengths which are helping to boost confidence.

    Other key findings specific to the Australian Capital Territory are:

    Support for the policies of the ACT Government was down three points to +9. This makes it the second most popular Government and one of only three Governments with a positive net balance
    Favourable opinion towards the ACT Government is influenced primarily by the efforts to reduce bureaucracy and red tape, although some SMBs feel the Government fails to understand their needs
    SMB support for the Federal Government was down two points to +1, making the ACT the third most negative towards the Government
    Last quarter employment and profitability posted negative results, while sales, wages and prices were positive
    At the national level, 87 percent of SMBs now think the economy is either slowing (35%) or standing still (52%), while only 13 percent think it is growing. The net balance score of -22 is down five points this quarter and is the lowest score in 12 months.

  • Eat Street Vibes Saturday Series

    The markets will feature live music, kids’ activities, and a host of independent stallholders offering a range of Australian handmade products including fashion and homewares, jewellery and accessories, unique art, craft and giftware.

    The Valentine’s Day market is one of a series of craft and handmade markets being held from 10am to 3pm every Saturday, with the exception of March 26. The activations are part of Parramatta City Council’s “Eat Street Vibes” program, developed following consultation with businesses and customers.

    Eat Street will be closed to traffic on market days from 7am to 5pm, between Phillip and Market Streets. Parking is available at nearby Eat Street and Riverbank car parks off Phillip Street.

    Eat Street Vibes Saturday Series:
    Saturday 13 February – Valentine’s Day handmade market (fashion, homewares, décor, jewellery, photography and art)
    Saturday 20 February – Green garden market (flowers, eco-friendly gardens, nurseries, recycled goods, succulents and outdoor homewares)
    Saturday 27 February – Babies and toddlers market (handmade family products and quality re-used baby goods)
    Saturday 5 March – Craft market (sewing, quilting, general handmade products, knitting and other crafts)
    Saturday 12 March – Recycled goods market (high quality reused and recycled items, including treasured vintage items, trinkets and collectibles)
    Saturday 19 March – Easter market (Easter related gifts, art and gift hampers)
    Saturday 2 April – A bumper market showcasing the most popular stalls in the series

    For more information visit

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