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The ultra talented Marlisa Punzalan, the 14 year old high school student from Mercy Catholic College in Blacktown who has reached the TOP 6 in this year’s X-FACTOR Competition, is in striking distance to make it big in the X-FACTOR history.

As reported at the Sunday Telegraph, she was struck out on Australia’s Got Talent and the Voice Kids – the latter because she was over the age limit by one month. This X-Factor Australia could be her lucky break to hit the big time. “ I just started building my confidence back again because I knew if I was going to compete again I needed to work on that. And I know when I walk out on the stage I see the crowd and I get a massive boost of energy,” she said. Marlisa named Jessica Mauboy , a very successful Australian artist as one of her idols.

The parents Lito and Ria Punzalan should be congratulated for their support on her so far in her very young career. Being mentored by Ronan Keating , a very successful international artist is a big factor.

Definitely, she has grown so much in the competition and people who followed her can see that big transformation on her , the big voice , the looks , the costumes, the moves and her likeable personality.


Her charisma, her song interpretation , and self-confidence have been noticeable and she is very exciting to watch when she performs which will win votes, the key to reach the finals. Being the youngest of all the finalists will make a big difference when final comes. Having been selected to sing the Australian National Anthem at the Sydney Swans game at ANZ Stadium earlier helped a lot and could be a very good omen.


The Filipino Australians should unite and rally behind her to help her get through in the finals. Once she’s there , we are confident that she will pull through.

Congratulations MARLISA and all the best. YOU CAN DO IT.


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