Happy, Happy Birthday Mona Beech. Have more blessed birthdays to come. God Bless! Happy, Happy Birthday Mona Beech. Have more blessed birthdays to come. God Bless!

Young at Heart

Young at Heart by Dr. Agnes Nethercott


Filipino Forum in Australia, Inc.


The Filipino Foirum in Australia, Inc. had their Induction of Newly Elected Officers for 2012-2013 at Merrylands Community Centre.


The officers are: President - Armando Vergara, Vice-President - Mimi Wilson, Secretary/Manager - Perla Pimentel, Consultant - Erlinda Barnes, PRO - Agnes Nethercott, Treasurer - Ludicia V. Acusa, Asst. Treasurer - Mimi Wilson, Auditor, Lydia Cocio, Property Custodian - Rolly Esturninos, Cultural Co-ordinator - Lydia/June, Decorations - Puring Abella/Karing, Kitchen Custodian - Josie Goyena/Remy Semunara.


The Inducting Officer was Mrs. Lolita Farmer OAM, who also gave an inspiring talk followed by the inaugural speech of Armando Vergara, entertainment by Perla & Co. and by a group of line dancers and joyful songs provided by jolly good fellow members.


The birthday celebrants of the month were happily greeted by all those present. The celebrants were Lucy Acusa, Conchita Galao and Lourdes dela Rosa.


A very satisfying and delicious lunch was served for the day and members continued dancing and singing ‘til 2:00pm..


God Bless everyone! Merry Christmas & Joyful New Year to all and to our families!!










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