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by Eric C. Maliwat

Christmas is the time of the year where Christendom remembers the birth of Christ. Its biblical reference doesn’t point to the 25th of December on our present calendar. This date even has a non-Christian origin and Jesus himself or His disciples did not command us to celebrate His birth.
Why do we celebrate Christmas then?
I believe it has become a day to remember God becoming man in Jesus once in the history of humankind and it meant salvation for anyone who receives Him in one’s own heart as Saviour and Lord. His birth is a story of hope, of faith, of love and of redemption that made and continues to make miracles even in this day and age. So, we took it upon ourselves to set aside a day in a calendar year to remember this important truth. Let’s make this man made holiday to be a time to reflect, a time to be thankful, to be forgiving and to love and to be loved.
I pray for a relevant and meaningful gift for you this Christmas.
I pray for a miracle for you this Christmas.
I pray that you discover salvation, peace, hope and love in Jesus this Christmas!
When I visited Bethlehem a few years ago, my heart was filled with joy to see the landscape where the Messiah was born. I have been inside the historic Church of the Nativity. It enshrines what catholic tradition believes to be the place of the manger where Christ was born. The place is within the Palestinian territory so our Jewish tour guide has to be replaced by a Palestinian tour guide as we cross the border. It is ironic that this place that is supposed to be the birthplace of the Prince of Peace is still beleaguered with too much struggle for peace. Today, we hear of Palestinian missiles being aired to hit Israelis and the latter retaliating to defend themselves. Caught between are countless casualties from both camps, not to mention children who grow up to be a generation with fear or maybe hatred in their hearts.
I pray for God’s peace to work in the hearts of the people in Israel and Palestine.
I pray that peace talks and agreements be respected and honoured.
I pray for healing among these people who are scarred by enmity.
Shalom! A very meaningful, peaceful and blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones.
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