The Book Of Wishes

by Aida Galindez

Chapter 4
The Dim Shadow

The boat was led to a misty fog they saw a shadow that was darker then the night when Aidan shined his torch on the shadow it shrieked but there wasn’t anything there. Aidan was terrified so he called Gabby not remembering what the dolphin said. For a short while she thought Aidan was playing a trick till she knew it wasn’t me, she was terrified. After a while Gabby changed her wetsuit and found a pool of blood a deep scratch must have appeared from the shark’s fin she quickly called her brother who stopped the bleeding and stitched it then put an ice pack. Then Gabby stopped crying and watched television in the bed room until it stopped hurting.


Then the TV suddenly turned off till Gabby remembered what the dolphin had said, so she dipped Aidan’s and her glasses in the water. Then told Aidan to wear it he saw the sea ghost and asked Gabby what it was he answered “it’s a sea ghost”. Then Gabby through her glass of water straight at it, it shrieked again and went to the water where it belongs. With another screech the shadow disappeared.


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