Poetically Correct by Gloria Grace



Among gentlemen officers, strong friendship and
companionship prevail

Respect, fellowship, trust brotherhood don’t fail

Fair comradeship is nurtured and established forever

The leader is regarded as an older paternal master.

Wit, intelligence, wisdom are marks of an officer

Justice, fairness, equality are observed within the ranks

Shenanigans, mischief, dishonesty are taboo in the banks

High morality and godliness make up their excellent

Their eye for their lady-love must be that of purity

No lowly and common woman could win their gallantry

They are careful in selecting the lady of their sympathy

Since the military is strict in acceptng bridal matrimony.

These gentlemen officers are assigned to sensitive

The secrecy of their mission remains in tight precaution

Security of the country is in their possession

Only they alone are responsible for any function.

Esprit d corps is engrained in the code of honour

Non-compliance is tried before a tribunal

A defiant member is dismissed as a viral

The esprit should not be tarnished in the academy of valor.

A gentleman officer deserves the respect of the nation

The bearing and honourable conduct are worthy of mention

When the officer lays down his life for the population

The loss and grief could inflame the emotion.


It’s the highest honour accorded a graduate upon finishing
a baccalaureate degree at a time

The marks earned bt the graduate are flat 1

All subjects in her chosen course are exemplar

Finishing at the top qualifies the graduate for the
honourable registrar.

Excellent ratings are garnered in all sciences, political,
chemical, tactical

Foreign language requirement must also be that of a scholar

Major subjects should be passed with topnotcher’s material

Minor subjects are finished as special.

Being the university’s editor-in-chief, she is also an
eloquent public speaker

During intercollegiate forums, her opinions are sought

Not only is she brainy, but as well as a beauty

Her charisma and intelligence are a rarety.

Job offerings in her alma mater are numerous

Acceptance of a responsible position is obvious

The remuneration is of course sumptuous

Her inclusion in the faculty is prestigious.

A scholarship in the graduate school is proferred

Overseas internship is sent to her on a silver platter

Her scholastic achievement is worthy of mention

The mental capacity of this intellectual deserves

Talent is an inherent


Parental pride is a singular facility

Genetic family relationship is a fine legacy

is accepted as legitimate supremacy.




A week from
today my life can change-

Most cherished day in living memory beckons.

A day of
thanksgiving and happy memories -

Wisdom of the years embedded in my bones.

Family and friends
are my inspiration .

You know who
you are who
stood by me.

My book of
life filled with
untold ecstasies -

Years of discovery
and travels enjoyed.

I had a long bucket list
to do as long as my hair.

One day at a
time, I reckon I can try.

I have seen the
family grow and flourish –

Four daughters have
moved on embracing their destiny.

Loving and mentoring
them as they searched for truth

Their caring personality
has defined their existence.

They were easy to live with – our household a thrill -

They became the light of the world and of

As days and years unravelled
the joys and sorrows –

Of growing up
doing school work
and being loved.

As would-be women of
tomorrow, they were protected.

They have self-discipline and Christian
faith in their hearts.

My humble life has
brought me happiness and tears of joy

I am sure it will go
on and on like the a song that never ends.

Loving and
cherishing what we had from the beginning –

A gift treasured
from Almighty Most
High, guiding our way.

Shalom, Kumbaya - I
journey once more, humbly

This time towards the future with
hope and contentment.

I have had my fill
of a glorious life, of a

Come what may, I will sing new songs that bring
hope re-newed.

(c) Emily Rudd



Mr President Benigno
Simeon Aquino III this day has come

For you to address us
one last time.

Our beloved country
all ears today

To hear what you have to say to all patriotic Filipinos.

It is almost six years now as you lead the nation

No more time for regrets or procrastination.

You have led a life of service and commitment –

Your beloved Philippines
embraced and welcomed you.

It is not easy to be
in government let alone rule -

The country’s ills
you have inherited from the past-

But your tenure have been like a dream, a

You have embraced
your position like a pro.

Your advisers and
staff were there to see

That you are well grounded and ate your dinner –

Kept you in high spirits as you tackled many problems

Our country is not immune – there are challenges !

Your humanity
and sincerity highlighted
your reign –

Like your Pa and Ma you had that leadership assured

You had a vision for the motherland and
countrymen .

You spared nothing but followed your heart and conscience.

Many haters have
tried to stop your agenda –

Many fought with the
military who stood by you.

Respect and Resilience , you have managed .

Most of us, believed
and we flourished- we got Pinoy blood!

Thank you Mr
President for all that you have done –

As a government
official your selfless leadership inspired.

As a humble
supporter, I am happy to say, Carry on!

The world is a better place because of your dignity and

Mabuhay tayong lahat
at magbunyi

palakpakan si Noynoy
galing sa ating puso.

Ating ipagpatuloy
na ipamalas sa mundo

Ang Karangalan ng
ating Bansa , ay galing sa ating

na tumulong sa
mga kababayan natin

umunlad ang ekonomiya , pamahalaan at pamilya.

Ating awitin and
pinakamagandang Awit ng
Pambansa –

magpasalamat sa Panginoong
Diyos sa isip, salita at sa gawa.

Carpe Diem..( Seize the Day)

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