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BSE, MA (U.P.), Ph.D.


A new born has nothing, only an empty mind

Non-possessing an iota of memory, just tabula raza

A baby just sleeps away, oblivious of anything on grind

One’s arrival to this world is a joy at the paternal house.

Months pass by to slowly shape human assimilation
Still, the infant could do little manipulation
The major feat is survival by maternal breast nutrition
Apparently the progress is a continuing familiarization.

As a toddler, surroundings are explored cautiously
The child learns by trial and error hesitantly
Toys serve to form habitual recognition confidently
Cognitive repetitive patterns emerge substantially.

School entrance moulds the brain for an achievement
Memory starts remarkable retention as a testament
Remembrance of events is a mental equipment
Childhood memory-tank remains prominent.

Young adulthood experiences make like spontaneity
Gaining a university degree is a golden opportunity
Later occupying a good position shows exceptional mentality
Providing an excellent service to one’s country.

In recognition of the intelligent citizen’s service to the nation
The country’s leading university granted an honoris causa
No longer is the mind an infantile stagnant tabula raza
But a fertile ground of skilful human behavioural action.


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