Evelyn Zaragoza

Evelyn Zaragoza

Monday, 26 November 2012 16:57


by Violy N. Miguel


You are a fool not to love

You are a fool not to care 

Why such a fool not to open

Your heart to somebody else.


It’s not easy to love

It’s not easy either not to love

To love or not to love 

It’s for you to decide

To have love or not to have.


Monday, 26 November 2012 16:54


by  Fleur d’ Luna


TO LOVE... CARE...and...SERVE … in this modern world, some (not most) men and women including  the  youth  today, whose goal is to help people bring back their lost lives,  are  people with a  kind heart, strong in spirit and ever willing to give a hand  to people who are in need. There’s a close bond of oneness within these good people when it comes to rescue and save unfortunate people from losing hope to have a  decent life. They are the loving, caring beautiful people serving the  community with all their hearts without much expectation of rewards. They are the people whom to rely on in time of needs. Even though sometimes their body is weak and about to pass out or collapse, their mind is still thinking positively what’s the best to do with the unfortunate one’s especially the children who are totally neglected. They have the heart to care and love people who are lost and nothing to live for.  It’s a wondrous feeling on the part of these wonderful people (I can feel it)  when they see the changes of these neglected souls into a better, useful person/s to the society and be a part of the community. There’s nothing more precious on their part than to see these lost souls alive enjoying the goodness of life.


Monday, 26 November 2012 16:53




It is Floriade!

Time to watch the beautiful flowers 

Cascading the man made meadows surrounding a lake.

It is a collaboration of man’s hand and intellect 

With nature’s beauty and capability that enhances Gods creation.

And perhaps God would say,

“Ah, yes! This is why I made man, for they are my co-creators of heaven in earth!”

I wish I can seat again on those bench and smell the freshness of its air,

And fill my vision with vibrant coloured flowers arranged in beds of reds, of whites and lavender.

By Chinette Tutaan


One of the realities of life is more often taken for granted. And that is, we and our love ones will ultimately or suddenly depart this world to move on to another. The impact of such event to each member of the loving family left behind is mostly mixed and indescribable. There is that utter disbelief that the person we so loved has gone... forever. 


However, the soonest we accept the realities of such an event, the more we will be able to understand that there are things that we can do to reduce panic and disarray when the inevitable happens. How prepared we are for such a hard-to-face event will be a story on its own.


The more realistic a family is however, the more positive outlook they have on the situation. Most often, they prepare for it with all their members, young and old, long before the event happens, both emotionally and financially. They know the event will bring the unwanted emotional havoc to everyone. And true enough, those who accept more how things are can handle it enormously better. Why? Other than themselves, they know, and are sure to take advantage of professional help where available. And that makes a huge difference!


One such helpful, very enterprising, young, creative company is Raptism based in Sydney, Australia. Their specialty is varied, down-to-earth and creative. They deal in specially-designed items that acknowledge and celebrate life such as memorial cards, parting gifts and other important related items. Their “flagship” however, is the well-accepted “Remembrance and Mourning Pins” for members of the bereaved family, their relatives and friends. They are so treasured and worn not only in wakes and ceremonies but also in the family’s, relatives’ and friends’ usual activities, just like religious or professional pins. For most, they are a symbol of lasting affection for someone who had touched their lives; a loving, caring person who once lived a wonderful life among us. 


Should you need further information, just call 0411 593 338 or visit Raptism at www.facebook.com/Raptism. 

Monday, 26 November 2012 16:31




Ang larawang ito ay mula sa Facebook Profile photo ni  Dr. Belen Manhuyod Haywood. p18-rey bucao-1


Nang maka panayam ko si Dr. Haywood, sinabi niya na isa siya sa mga nominado sa “Mrs. Australia” Quest

  (MAC)  ng Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) Sinabi niya na ang  quest ay isang “Fund-raiser” ng OCA  in

order to support  Ovarian Cancer Awareneness sa ating kumunidad.


Ayon kay Dr. Haywood ang unang  fund raising program ay gaganapin sa ika-5 ng Nobiembre 2012

(Melbourne Cup Day) sa Cardiff RSL  45 Macquarie Rd. NSW at kabibilangan ito ng isang Buffet Lunch

with free glass bubbly, fashion parade, prizes for best dressed/hat at Photo booth raffle. Ang  entertainment

ay ang kilalang Talk of the Town na kasama ang  komedianting si Super Herbert.


Ang National Finals ay gaganapin sa Newcastle sa ika-6 ng Marso 2013.


by Lady Fele Mann, LGCDMR

I honestly believe that the talent and passion to write inspirational life stories of good/great1

men and women of substance was my gift from our Almighty GOD. The desire to write their stories

keeps bubbling within me as if I’m prompted and creatively inspired by a Superior Intelligence too hard

to resist. It puts me in to position where I felt I am in the presence of a great omnipotent GOD wanting

to use me for a divine purpose: for the glory of His name. With this precious gift that I was blessed to

possess, it became imperative for me to use my talent to write heart-warming success life stories for the

inspiration of our “Kababayans” and all readers of Timpuyog Journal Magazine and the Philippine

Community Herald Newspaper. The purpose is to channel their interest to things that are above - those

which really matter and not the vanities in this world that don’t last.


For a start, simple ordinary people like Orlando Ricardo Vargas, OAM, popularly known to many

as Orly, can truly achieve a more successful and satisfying life than those gifted with high knowledge

but did not use their wisdom. There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge

is one that is acquired through books and institutions while wisdom is the application of knowledge

based on GOD’s ways. Many people have luckily gained their knowledge by finishing their careers

in prestigious  colleges and universities which put them on a pedestal of honor but used it sadly as                Orly Vargas, international

an avenue to amass wealth for their advantage. With their titles - Doctors, Attorneys, Honourables,                   multi award winner

Generals, Presidents, PHD, etc, many adore them, follow their examples and even idolize them. But how

many among these successful people became honorable in the real sense of the word? Their lives showed

lack of wisdom by showing lack of gratitude to GOD for the blessings they received from Him. Many even

went beyond by thinking it’s their talent and therefore have credited themselves instead of giving all the credits

to GOD.