Evelyn Zaragoza

Evelyn Zaragoza

Monday, 26 November 2012 12:25

Canberra Corner




Autumn Leaves at Boyne Falls in Michigan  p20-act-volet-1Bill Carolan             

We’ve just arrived at Mountain Run in Boyne Falls in Michigan after a 7-hour drive from Chicago. 

It is the fourth week of our 6-week holiday in the USA.  The highways are really good – we

drove through 3 highways – the first out of Chicago into Indiana then into Michigan.  The weather

is perfect at 56 degrees Fahrenheit - we hardly noticed the long drive – the fall colours were

mesmerizing– from yellow, then gold, orange then red then deep red (almost like blood orange). 


There was no need to panic if you need food, petrol or restrooms (toilets) they are all available

at each exit, which were only a mile apart (1.7 km).  Breakfast at Denny’s was several choices

of slams (breakfast menus). I had French toast slam – that is 2 pieces of one each thick French

toast with 2 shots of syrup, 2 piece of bacons and sausages and 2 sunny side up – unfortunately I

only had one piece of each and I had to give up. Lunch was at McDonalds just an hour away from

our destination – 20 pieces of chicken nugget meal with 2 fries and drinks cost only $10. 

We took our leftovers back to the resort for our dinner. 


Some interesting observation along the way:  we passed a sign saying ’Prison area - do not pick       

up hitchhikers’ and a poster of Susan Boyle saying ‘I lived the dream’.  When we stopped for petrol,            Bill Carolan at the Medinah

an old man was filling up his car and could not work out the pump – when he did – he opened his                Gold Club for the Ryder Cup

boot and also started filling up a gas drum it took at least two songs of Frankie Valli that we were                 in Chicago in October 2012

listening to.


Monday, 26 November 2012 11:06

Wilson Park Public School


p16-nsw-luz press-mrs. helen rae


One of the schools that stands out in the Northern Rivers area is the Wilson Park Public School.  It

was established in 1978.  It is a special school for special kids.  It caters for students with special

needs from Kindergarten to Year 12.  It provides a quality education catering for each individuals

needs.  The programs are structured and each student learns at their own phase.  As the school’s

theme says, “The Wilson Park Public School is a School for a Specific Purpose”.  Its focus is in the

celebration of success and acknowledgement of each individual in their achievements.


Isn’t it great to know that such a special school does exists?  Thanks to the Australian Government

who are giving fundings and to the different organisations who are extending help in every way they          can. Life becomes easy when help is available to those who are in need.


Now, here comes the Head of the School, Principal Mrs Helen Rae, Teachers and Staff with their                 Mrs. Helen Rae, Principal

enthusiasms and welcoming smiles. They make us all feel at ease.  There is a great team building with            Wilson Park Public School

the whole Staff, Parents and Carers.


Monday, 26 November 2012 10:59

The New Horizon Band goes Mainstream!

lalaine lozano-PCHN online









Congratulations once again to the New Horizon Band!   After a successful show last 4th of August at Pabico Club 55 in Mt. Druitt, the NHB had highly successful and  well attended shows at the St. Mary’s Rugby Leagues Club in Mount Druitt on the  1st of September 2012 and at the Dee Why RSL Club on the 5th of October 2012. 


This group of highly respected musicians and performers are driven, dynamic, passionate and totally commited to their music and  also share a wealth of experience in the music industry.


Joey Talam,  the  New Horizon’s Band Leader/Bassist & Lead Vocals,  musical  career began in the early 80’s wherein he performed at various clubs, corporate functions, shows and  cafe lounges.  He also worked and performed at the prestigious Captain Cook Cruises for 14 years and regularly performs at the Flame Lounge Dee Why RSL with the Joey Talam Jazz Trio. He has also performed at “Romans at Manly” in the 90’s.  A seasoned artist, he started as a Musical Director in the late 80’s with his band and has performed in various concerts and gigs in venues Australiawide.  He is also an arranger and  composer of original songs and released his first original arrangement and  composition entitled “Views of Love” in 2009.


Monday, 26 November 2012 10:57

Nectar Soliman Mixed media artist

nectar soliman-bangkok 2010




 by Nectar Soliman





Nectar is a multi-faceted visual arts specialist, independent curator and producer living and working in Sydney. Her expertise extends across the creative arts and education spectrum and is an upcoming events specialist in the field of corporate event management.


Nectar has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of interdisciplinary projects with special interest in contemporary art. Her work currently explores the female form from a subjective viewpoint and depicts the beauty within. This is evident in her latest show called ‘All Outta Love’ featuring mixed media works of 2 women examining the profundity of love from a modern perspective. Previous to this project, Nectar was working with photography and installation as featured in her highly provocative piece ‘Incision’. She has an online gallery that offers a variety of creative solutions and commissions and currently developing a blog as a platform for discussion on her website.

Monday, 26 November 2012 10:19


EMILY RUDD - online









The  last local Government Election brought new faces to Gosford City Council. It is with a big sigh of relief  and hopeful feeling to at last  have the new Council sworn in. Long live!


Congratulations go to Mayor Lawrie McKinnna, the very popular Independent Candidate, who nailed the top position. Councillor Bob Ward is the Deputy Mayor.  The other councillors who made it from a field of 51 candidates last election day are Councillors Craig Doyle, Vicki Scott, Ian McFadyen, Gabby Bowles, Jeff Strickson, Hillary Morris, Deanne Bocking and Chris Burke. Well done to all these worthy and passionate government officials who for the next 4 years will serve the people of Gosford City. We can only hope and pray  that their collective efforts to work and effect progress in all areas in the region, will make Gosford City a leading region in terms of community development and that family  well-being will be a priority, welfare and education, a must and roads and infrastructure be looked into as a continuing project to make people safe, content and belong.


As a citizen,  I  will continue to be assisting in multicultural projects that will bring all peoples together, whether in the social, cultural and faith communities. This is a personal agenda that I have kept as I do enjoy working as a community volunteer. 



This coming November  4, we will be joining the parishioners of St. Patrick’s East Gosford as with the gentle guidance and  inspiration of the PP Father Tadeusz and his assistant Fr Robert, the different multicultural groups in the parish will be joining  together to stage an international fair in which the members will cook and bring food native of their respective countries. The multicultural flavour from Italian, Greek, German, Chinese, Filipino , Polish and of course Aussie fare will be the highlights of the day. 


There will be the Holy Eucharist after which the “market” will open for people to sample foods prepared. There will also be a performance and games. We welcome everyone to come as the proceeds from this fund-raising day will  be sent to the Missions including the Salvatorian Missions in the Philippines. This will be a day to share our talents and culture to our fellow parishioners.


St Patrick’s Church is our home church every 2nd Sunday of the month, when we hold our Filipino-sponsored Eucharist under the ministering of Fr. Roger Manalo , our Filipino Chaplain for Filipinos in the Broken Bay Diocese.  The Catholic Community of Filipino-Australians  are proud to be associated with this fund-raising intitiative. 


Our group Coordinating this event  consist of Elsie and Harry  Alipalo, Marivic King, Emily Rudd, Judy Alarca, Elena Holmes 



This is a plug for the TOASTMASTERS organization to my friends out there. I have joined the Coastal Toastmaster  over a year ago, to gain more confidence in my communication skills. 


I think I am slowly getting there and as a matter of fact I was assigned the Sergeant at Arms job for the rest of the year. I relish this assignment and look forward every fortnight to attend our meetings


Philippine President Benigno  Aquino III comes to Sydney

MAPAYAPANG PAGLALAKBAY ....is the greeting I would like to wish our beloved PNoy as he is fondly called . I hope that by the time our paper comes out he has gone back home with wonderful memories of his visit. The planned meeting with the locals has made our hearts flutter and will be lucky to see him face to face, even for a minute. I hope he brings home with him the love of the Filipinos especially the time with the Rizal Park Movement at Campbelltown. Mabuhay!



Congratulations to JOEL FLORIDO and the new line-up of officers of this active social organization, still going strong in bringing people together, being entertained and sharing each others company. President Joel Florido has become a continuing influence for this group and it is really great to know the AFACC is in capable hands.  I am also back as Director and will be there sharing my wealth of experience as a humble volunteer to make our Filipino community make a difference at lovely Central Coast.


FELICITATIONS to all birthday and anniversary celebrants in October... Peter Rudd, Rod Dingle, Tessie Stephens, Sally Quail  et al... have a great time. 


Also a big cheerio to my friends and family Tess and Villamor Balisacan @ Hacienda La Joya in Cavite, Desiree Salcedo and Family in Pozorrubio, Ding and Elsie Lagria in Tagudin, Angelita Lazaga Montes @ UP Diliman, Arthur Acosta @ Global City, Albert and Violy Acosta in Mandaluyong. Norma Madrid and Pina Llaneta in Camp John Hay  and to Reynard Andaya and the Teaching staff @ Tagudin Central School...for the red carpet treatment you all have accorded me during my latest trip back home. Having addressed my old school in Tagudin for World Teachers Day was a great experience and will always affectionately remember this memory.  Agnanayon nga dardarepdeken ka Tagudin! 


Lastly, let’s go..Gangnam style – what a lively music danceable by ALL!! Thanks Psy! Ciao from EDR. (Sigh!)




                                                             Mr. Ning He delivers his grand opening speech


                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. He of Good Luck Plaza and G&L


                                                           Supermarket, daughter Bonny He and son Tim He




“Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all here today to join the ceremony of the grand opening of Good Luck Plaza and G&L Super Market Mount Druitt.