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  by  Atty. Jalilo Dela Torre

  Labour Attache II

  Philippine Embassy,







The brains and brawn of this Southeast Asian nation of more than 90 million people have built the physical and infrastructure of many Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and have earned their keep and kept the Philippine economy bouncing for the last 40 years. At the last reckoning, our foreign exchange remittances from our 10 million workers abroad amount to $20 billion dollars, nearly 10% of our Gross Domestic Product. Our skilled workers and professionals are some of the most productive in the world, and employers of overseas Filipino workers generally rehire them year in and year out because they are “competent, industrious, productive, resourceful, honest, disciplined, creative and innovative”. 




Mostly educated in the English language, Filipinos are able to communicate well, as may be confirmed by the IELTS system, where we are second only to Malaysia in Asia in terms of performance in the four bands of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  


The country’s technical and vocational educational sector produces annually some 1.3 million graduates from its 239 qualifications from Animal Production to Customer Services. The formal education sector, on the other hand, projects that by 2016, it will have graduated 1.16 million from its information technology, engineering and technology, social and behavioural science, and business administration and related courses. As of last year, the Professional Regulation Commission have registered a cumulative total of 32,537 civil engineers, 18,388 electrical engineers, 14,698 master electricians, 3,226 master plumbers, and 39,394 accountants. We have people from Vanuatu in the south Pacific to Xinjiang in the western edge of China, from the Sudan to the Virgin Islands, from Malta to Mexico. Second to the Chinese, we are probably the most geographically dispersed nationality in the world.


In Australia, we are the fourth largest supplier of temporary work migrants, per records of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. While those who land as permanent residents mostly prefer the urban centers of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the 457 visa holders are concentrated in the mining, energy and construction centers of Western Australia and Queensland. Our motor mechanics, electricians, engineers, doctors, nurses, accountants and welders are some of the best in the world.


Our regulatory regime for overseas employment is one of the most effective among the labour-sending countries, and our protective mechanisms against abuse and maltreatment of our nationals are enforced by a network of overseas labour officers and consular officials, who are mandated to address work-related issues and problems challenging our OFWs.  


On October 25 the writer will make a presentation at The Shangrila Hotel in Sydney in a Business Forum_Skilled Manpower Session on the occasion of the state visit of President Benigno Aquino III to Australia. Any employer, migration agent, recruitment agency minded to source their skilled and professional manpower needs from the Philippines and interested to attend the business forum for skilled manpower may communicate with the writer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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