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Autumn Leaves at Boyne Falls in Michigan  p20-act-volet-1Bill Carolan             

We’ve just arrived at Mountain Run in Boyne Falls in Michigan after a 7-hour drive from Chicago. 

It is the fourth week of our 6-week holiday in the USA.  The highways are really good – we

drove through 3 highways – the first out of Chicago into Indiana then into Michigan.  The weather

is perfect at 56 degrees Fahrenheit - we hardly noticed the long drive – the fall colours were

mesmerizing– from yellow, then gold, orange then red then deep red (almost like blood orange). 


There was no need to panic if you need food, petrol or restrooms (toilets) they are all available

at each exit, which were only a mile apart (1.7 km).  Breakfast at Denny’s was several choices

of slams (breakfast menus). I had French toast slam – that is 2 pieces of one each thick French

toast with 2 shots of syrup, 2 piece of bacons and sausages and 2 sunny side up – unfortunately I

only had one piece of each and I had to give up. Lunch was at McDonalds just an hour away from

our destination – 20 pieces of chicken nugget meal with 2 fries and drinks cost only $10. 

We took our leftovers back to the resort for our dinner. 


Some interesting observation along the way:  we passed a sign saying ’Prison area - do not pick       

up hitchhikers’ and a poster of Susan Boyle saying ‘I lived the dream’.  When we stopped for petrol,            Bill Carolan at the Medinah

an old man was filling up his car and could not work out the pump – when he did – he opened his                Gold Club for the Ryder Cup

boot and also started filling up a gas drum it took at least two songs of Frankie Valli that we were                 in Chicago in October 2012

listening to.


Here we are now sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea in hand and see what is in store tomorrow morning.  My nephew Ray and sisters Cris and Maria and brother Marc will be joining us and arriving tomorrow night.  The next morning we drive two hours to Traverse City for wine tasting at Chateau Chantal and lunch at the Boathouse – escargot, mussels, white fish etc. 


The following weekend Sunday 14 October we woke up in Christmas Mountain in Wisconsin.  We arrived here on Friday night then went outlet shopping on Saturday morning for 5 hours – lots of good bargains on designer clothes such as Polo,  Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger – got 2 large bagful of purchases for total of $500 – that was really cheap.  My sister Toya invited us here to celebrate Terry’s birthday – we had lots of Filipino food including hopia and yema, they brought all the way from the Philippines.  Unfortunately this morning we thought we’d have breakfast at the resort restaurant but they don’t open until 11 am – so we just made a cup of coffee.  We will be off to Puerto Rico on Sunday 21 October for one week cruise of the Caribbean and 3 nights in San Juan Puerto Rico then back to Canberra on 2 November 2012.


Natividad birthdays,  reunions and other milestones

My nephew Sean David attends Glenbard West High School – more like an Ivy College.  We attended his band concert– he looked really smart in the green band uniform and the band played really well – they have won contests around Illinois.  My sister in law Maria and brother Martin were in the Chicago half marathon – that was really impressive too considering the training they had to go through to be able to finish the race.  My brother Marc is preparing for his climb of the Will’s Tower – some 120 floors in November 2012.  My niece Holly Hernandez and nephew Paolo Natividad are now attending  the University of Illinois.  Holly is a freshman (Nuclear Engineering) and Paolo is sophomore (Chemical Engineering). My Mama, Cory Natividad) celebrated her 86th birthday on 12 September 2012 at Little Quiapo in Chicago.  The whole family was there. My sister Cris attended the gala night of the Global Beta Sigma Fraternity.


     p20-act-volet-2Natividad familyIMG 1153                        p20-act-volet-3My sister Cristeta

      Nature family celebrated Mama Cory Natividad's 86th                          My sister Cristeta Natividad (third from left) with her 

        birthday (12 September) at Little Quiapo Chicago                                Beta Sigma Global Fraternity in Chicago



                                                                 Volet Carolan, Marc Natividad and Maria Gonzalez

                                                                                       at Deer Lake in Michigan



I would like to congratulate the newly elected officers of FILCCA headed by Aida Garcia, President and Mrs Perlita Swinbank as Vice President External.  Although I was not there I am sure it was a success but I am sorry I missed the FCCACT performance of ‘Billy Jean’.  I will tell you more about it next month.


              p21-act-v5olet-Congratulations Mrs. Perlita Swinbank                                     p21-act-volet-6perlita

              Congratulations to Mrs Perlita                                           Toti Umali, Chairman of Filcom Sports Club which was

              Swinbank, newly elected FILCCA                                      awarded as the Outstanding Community Organisation and 

              Vice President for External Affairs                                     Mrs Perlita Swinbank, President of FCCACT with her 

                                                                                                         Leadership Award at the FILCCANational Conference

                                                                                                         in Perth



Unfortunately I will miss the very important visit of President Noynoy Aquino in Canberra on 24-25 October 2012.  I wish all organisers of his visit a success.


Again I would like to extend our invitation for all Filipinos and friends to ‘Pasko sa Canberra’ on Sunday 2 December 2012 at the Philippin Embassy grounds in Canberra.  Entrance is free.

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