Baird Wins Securing Power Mandate

Baird Wins Securing Power Mandate

NSW Premier Michael Bruce “Mike” Baird




By Lolita Farmer OAM


NSW Premier Mike Baird and his Liberal team gets the “power” mandate as 2015 NSW election results show they won comfortably the recent state election.With a swing of almost 9% early results show Coalition scored 53, ALP 34, Greens 4 and Independents 2 in the lower house. The results for the upper house show Coalition may have 9 to 10 seats and Fred Nile’s 2 seats will give the Coalition easy passage for its legislations.



On his acceptance speech, Mike Baird opening lines, “I love this state and the reason for this is its people”. NSW people chose hope over fears. We will work for you every day over the next four years” as the audience chants “4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years “..



NSW Premier Baird, added, “ We were open with what we wanted to do, a mandate has been provided” and the opposition has to respect and support it.

To be elected for the first time as the Premier is a “very humbling “experience.



Labor Luke Foley on his concession speech described NSW Mike Baird as a “formidable and honorable opponent”.



“The people of NSW have breathed a new life into state labor today” and the party “heartland has returned” .Foley added we will be a” credible alternative government”.


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