Brian Lorenz is now considered a popular singer among the many talents in the Filipino-Australian community.
My close encounter with him was when he approached me to join the Filipino-Australian Talent Quest which I produced in our community for 16 years. The FATQ aimed to discover budding artists and it had been a stepping stone for many who have been a part of it.
I’ve watched him perform as a dancer and for what I observed, he is a professional dancer.
I therefore suggested to him to join as a singer and in the year 2008, he became the FATQ Grand Champion.
In an article that Albert Prias wrote when he won, Brian Lorenz Babon, a Hairdressing Student from Tafe who teaches pilates and Ballroom dancing at Albert Dimarucut School of Dance and Performances cupped the top prize. He wowed the judges and audience on his rendition of the song “Prayer”. He was shining in the stage like an angel on his white suit at that night as the audience screamed and applauded for his performance. One of the mums said, “I was crying when he was singing the song. It was so touching, welldone!”
It was only the beginning and since then, Brian Lorenz is here, to entertain us.
Q: Who is Brian Lorenz? (Family/Province, Philippines/Education/Work)
A: Born and raised in a small town in Samar, Philippines. His parents both government employees wanted him to be a nurse but he flanked the entrance examination.
Q: When did you come to Australia?
A: July 2008
Q: When and how did you start your dancing and singing careers?
A: Although I am very passionate about dancing, I did not see it as a career until after I worked for an insurance company but was not getting any success with it. My first clients—my friends and relatives—treated me as a laughing stock. Frustrated and discouraged, I did not sell any insurance policy and eventually quit the job.
The turning point was when I went to a social dancing event and proved my Ballroom dancing skills (which I’ve learned a few years back) to be valuable. I earned my first penny decided to continue exploring the world of dance by doing workshops and was even offered a dance scholarship (Dance Major - Ballet) at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. But instead finished Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science (Dance Sport). In Australia, I was also a recipient of $51,000 performing arts scholarship at the Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute) in Drummoyne. Dancing gave me great opportunities to travel Asia, Europe, USA and England representing the Philippines and Australia in dance competition and dance festivals.
In Sydney, I registered to join the Filipino-Australian Talent Quest as a dancer but got refused because of my dance experience. So I entered as a singer instead and won the contest. It was not easy after that due to my financial situation. It was not until 2012 when had the chance to get serious about my singing career and started to do some formal training. I started joining and winning talent quests in the mainstream and eventually produced my own album and perform in many concerts in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Mandurah and Perth.
Q: Between dancing and singing, which career would you like to be known now?
A: I’d like to be known as a performer and entertainer, which embraces both singing, dancing and acting for which I am trained at.
Q: Who encouraged and inspired you to pursue your career?
A: My late father has encouraged me to sing. As an adult, it is my love of music and my passion to perform and to entertain people that got me here.
Q: What are the places and events you have performed and are scheduled to perform.
A: Shows I have performed at:
·Brian Lorenz on West Leagues Club Concert, May 2015
·Perth Arts and Music Awards, May 2015
· The Club Marconi Concert – March 29, 2015
·Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne promotional concert tour
·Opened the X-Factor Marlissa Show, November 2014
·Shared the stage with Israel X-Factor Winner and Australia’s X-Factor Winner Dami Im, Sydney Town Hall June 2014
·Brian Lorenz Album Launch and Concert at the Tivoli Lounge Rooty Hill RSL ( the Entertainment Capital of the West) – October 26, 2014
·Brian Lorenz on Sydney Harbour, April 2014
·An Evening with Brian Lorenz, Club 55, November 2013
Upcoming shows and trips:
·Philippine Spectacular, South Juniors Club with Ms. Lillian de Los Reyes
·Back to Back with Ms. Lillian de los Reyes at Bella Portofino, Wollongong, August 22, 2015
·Destiny Rescue Meet and Greet with Destiny Rescue Philippines, September 13 to 18, 2015
·Springtime Ball, Canberra, September 19, 2015
·Brian Lorenz “The Return”—Rooty Hill RSL, November 1, 2015
Recent Awards:
·Australian Global Idol Winner and will be representing Australia in the intertantional Finals in January 2016 in Manila.
·Australian Club Entertainer Rising Start Awardee
·Johnny O’Keefe Encouragement Awardee at the Mo Award
Q: How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
A: Have a stable performing career, more albums and more shows in Australia and overseas. I also see myself owning a performing arts school so I can share my knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry.

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