ASK Foundation, Inc. headed by Via Marquez Hoffmann thanking everyone for their support and reassured  that all proceeds of “Mga Koronang Hilaw” will help the  underpriviledged children, with facial deformities  in the Philippines. (Photo by Lenzmen) ASK Foundation, Inc. headed by Via Marquez Hoffmann thanking everyone for their support and reassured that all proceeds of “Mga Koronang Hilaw” will help the underpriviledged children, with facial deformities in the Philippines. (Photo by Lenzmen)

“Mga Koronang Hilaw”, a big hit! by Evelyn Zaragoza Featured

  First time in the history of entertainment in the Filipino-Australian community in Australia  such quality produced type of show, “Mga Koronang Hilaw”, a musical-comedy stage play,  was presented and enjoyed by the audience. They are craving for more!

  Via Hoffmann was  the ‘mastermind’ of the show, “Mga Koronang Hilaw”.  A well-thought, well-planned production, she  utilized  her resources.  A family affair,  she brought her siblings to Australia to perform - actor-comedian Joey Marquez,  actress, film producer and 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez and  dancer, San Beda Leadership Awardee Win Wyn Marquez.  With  them were Via’s friends, actor/director Soxie Topacio and television writer John Kenneth de Leon. They waived their talent fees to raise funds for  this good cause, to help the underpriviledged children in the Philippines.

   With the challenging role given to the Miss Gay Universe Contestants -  Charles Chan (Miss China), Nadia Trinidad  (Miss India),  Andrew Baris (Miss Thailand), Marcus Rivera (Miss Australia) and Archie Lubrin (Miss Mars), they also impressed the audience with their performances and ‘have proven their worth’.  Their costume were creatively designed by Bing Cristobal.

  The show was made more colourful by the dances choreographed by Andrew Baris.  The dances were ably performed by graceful and energetic dancers,  Joel Corpuz, Klien Hicks, Sandy, Francis Baltazar, Lilibeth, Vanessa Sew Hoy and special guest  dancer, Win Wyn Marquez.  

  Michael David White while escording the ‘beauties’ in their gown sang ‘Beautiful Girl” and in the near end of the show, singer and musical director, Tina Hoffman sang,  “Forevermore”.

  “Mga Koronang Hilaw”  Overall Coordinator was Albert Prias and Dizzy Dizon, Technical Director. 

  ASK Council of Australia and its recipient, ASK Foundation, Inc. (Philippines) (Directors: Via Hoffman, Sokee Wescott, Wilma Warta, Virginia Nemeth, Cecile Modolo, Annie Morgia, Ahl Diroy, Evelyn Zaragoza, Tita Sally Ibanez, Mila Jalandoni, Des Eito and Fe Cabactulan) were very pleased to have presented  this project, not only entertaining but most of all,  raised funds for the benefit of the children with deformities in the Philippines. 

  A mission accomplished!


Producer: Via Hoffmann - When I invited my siblings Joey and  Melanie to help me fund raise for ASK Foundation, they requested a different show from the usual  singing, dancing and judging in a contest as they’ve done so many times before. I thought of Koronang Hilaw, the play, they liked it and immediately said yes..

  The enormity of making a stage production was scary especially with limited resources but with the help of the local cast, crew and my ASK family it worked!!

  This goes to show  that  even with limited funds,  everything is possible for as long as one have dedicated people who’s commitment in  helping out for charity is genuine!!

  I  have witnessed all rehearsals. I must say that all the cast were professionals in keeping up with their schedules. They worked  hard in memorising their lines with Albert Prias’  guidance. Marcus Rivera also helped with his coaching skills. When the stars and  director from Manila arrived, they were all in sink with their characters. In fact both of my siblings were commending them saying,  “magagaling sila!!”

  The Dance Choreography by Andrew Baris  and his dancers were amazing!! They worked so hard coming up with intricate dance numbers and rehearsing so many times a week, never complaining!! I remember  when I showed the ASK childdren’s video  for whom  they were dancing for, their reaction was to dance harder for the cause!! The only complain I heard   from them were  the home cooked meals my yaya Ofel prepared which added extra kilos to their weight.

  Koronang Hilaw was a box office success with very good reviews. Thanks to my ASK family who worked tirelessly in promoting the show.

  I love everyone involved in Koronang Hilaw. I can’t thank them enough for their generous donation of doing what they did on stage!! 


Joey Marquez (actor-comedian) - Working with the local cast  was a great surprise! They were awesome and professional. I’m looking forward to working with them again. Off stage, I’d like to thank Nadia who was so helpful in providing me my costume.

  Over all, everybody was so pleasant to work with, maybe my sister Via can think of reuniting us again in one of her future projects.

Melanie Marquez (1979 Miss International) “Koronang Hilaw”, an inspired project, created and produced by my sister Via M. Hoffmann. She is also the founder of ASK Foundation, a mission to do charity works for our fellow children with physical deformities in the Philippines. We, the KH actors and team were motivated to give our best performances for a noble cause. It was indeed a Work of Art!

  The success of our show is the result of our hard work to showcase our skills, abilities and talent for a good cause. We are in harmony in supporting each other’s concerns Working with  local actors in Sydney, Australia is a dream come true for me! They are so professional, disciplined, dedicated and their determination for perfection made me so proud to work with them!

  I am also overwhelmed with gratitude to Kuya Ahl and the ASK Team for their selfless support and kind gestures! Such a great blessing to have them all as my friend.

  Congratulations and More Power to All!

  My gratitude to Kuya Joey Marquez, our co-star cast, ASK & Production Team,  sponsors, donor, patrons and to Mr.&Mrs. Uli Hoffmann, for their wonderful accommodation. Most especially to Ate Via Marquez Hoffmann for making this event possible!

  Yes! We are One Big Family in Koronang Hilaw!

  With love and gratitude!

Charles Chan  (“Miss China”) - It was a very challenging role as I’ve never done a comedy play or musical ever. Portraying the right character for Miss China was never easy. Even an alchemist will find it hard to balance the right chemical to combine the crying lady from China and her ability to make people laugh in order to win the title.  

  I have been coached by so many people from the cast members, our coordinator, our director, our producer and even by the backstage crew. I’ve taken it all in (tips, line delivery, facial expression, voice modulation, intonation etc) but I never saw myself progressing to the standard that the show was made out for. I was extremely nervous  even to the day of the final rehearsal.

  What made me zipped into the character of Miss China was the fact that we, all cast members prayed before the show. Secondly, the crowd boosted my confidence as soon as I uttered my first words.. Ni hao? As if the adrenalin went all over my body and I delivered the Miss China character that alluded me during our entire rehearsal.

  Definitely an experience to cherish, I will remember everyone who have contributed to the success of this show. Hopefully the crowd will come back and support us again if ever there will be a repeat performance. 

Marcus Rivera (“Miss Australia”) - I am deeply humbled and honoured to be part of Koronang Hilaw. Apart from it being so much fun acting opposite Melanie and Joey but because of the objective behind the project. I’ve seen Via work so tirelessly during our rehearsal period not just for the artists but also ASK foundation. A big thank you to the board of directors, creative team and our beautiful talents. There was so much love for the cause, the love for the people of the Philippines and Im so glad to have been a part of it.

Nadia Trinidad (“Miss India”)To be one of the actors of “Mga Koronang Hilaw” musical-drama comedy show, I consider it as one of my best achievements in  life,  to be able to share my blessings to those who need help back home (Philippines).

  Thanks to ASK Foundation who in one way or another chose me to be part of the show. I must say all throughout the rehearsal, I enjoyed every minute and became closer to all actors, production crew,  especially to Via Hoffmann, the Founder of ASK Foundation.  Awesome show!

Andrew Baris (Miss Thailand) - Performing in “Mga Koronang Hilaw”  has been one of the many highlights in my performing career. Not only did I work with talented artists but also I met a family in them.

Feedback from the 


“The show was hilariously funny.. We could not stop laughing from start to finish, truly entertaining. A must see, as the show is for a good cause plus all the performers were brilliant in their roles. Very much recommended.”           Tom & Evelyn Guibani

“Talagang nagustuhan ko, maganda, maraming taong nasiyahan, magandang panoorin, mura pa ang bayad, may mapupulot kang mga bagay na nangyayari sa buhay na minsan, walang pera, walang tubig at walang pambayad sa bahay.”  Nanay Itang-Enriqueta  Soledad

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I truly laughed out loud.  I hope there will be another show of  this high standard.Victoria Sangalang

“Koronang Hilaw was not only an entertaining but also an inspiring show. One will never fully appreciate their blessings until one sees the suffering other children endure, children born with cleft palates or physical deformities. Thank you ASK Foundation for a project well done. Hats off to the casts and crew. It’s a good feeling walking out of a show knowing that we have contributed in our little way and with a hunger to do more.” Leilani Guerrero-Guarin

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