Bondi Beach, NSW surfers (File photo: Eric C. Maliwat) Bondi Beach, NSW surfers (File photo: Eric C. Maliwat)


Minister for Lands and Water Niall Blair, has announced an historic agreement between the NSW Government and Surf Life Saving NSW, which will cut red tape for surf clubs so they can focus on keeping the state's beaches safe.

For the first time Surf Life Saving NSW will not have to go through a lengthy process to renew long-term leases, saving councils and surf clubs time and money that can be better spent on making our beaches safer for swimmers.

The new club lease package removes the need for clubs and councils to negotiate new arrangements and provides a 20-year minimum lease.

"We have the best beaches in the world, which is why the NSW Government is determined to make it easier for our surf clubs and their members to get on with doing what they do best - saving lives," Mr Blair said.

"About 80 per cent of surf clubs are located on Crown land, and this landmark agreement allows surf clubs and councils to sign a standard lease agreement, removing the need for lengthy negotiation or drafting of complex contracts.

"This streamlined approach will improve equity among the state's clubs and will save councils and the clubs time and money that they can be better put to core activities."

Tony Haven, President of Surf Life Saving NSW, said: "This is a significant milestone for our organisation. For the first time in our history it will provide affordable and secure tenure for all of our surf life saving clubs on Crown land across the state."

Surf Life Saving NSW and the NSW Government have worked together to develop this historic agreement; with valuable input from a range of councils along the state's coast to simplify the way clubs get access to Crown land.

To assist surf clubs and councils to understand the new approach, a position statement, Authorising surf life saving clubs' use of Crown land in NSW, has been released, and is available at

The NSW Government will now implement the package with reserve managers, Surf Life Saving NSW and clubs, starting with those at the end, or near the end, of their current tenure.

MEDIA: Siobhan McCarthy | Minister Blair | 0407 791 802
Donna Wishart | Surf Life Saving NSW | 0414 414 087

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