A View from the Mount News from the Filipino Community in Bathurst and Central West

Nenita Lopez









Filipiniana Friends Board Meeting

On 28 July at the residence of Nenita Weekes a Board Meeting was held to discuss future plans. Members Officers look forward to another productive year, maintaining the culture and raising money for good causes. The Christmas party was arranged for 2nd Dec. Members and friends of the Filipino community are cordially invited.

Community Radio program at 2mce on the go

The Filipiniana program is at 6pm on Thursdays on 92.3 FM, which can easily be accessed on your computer. There are plans to develop the program, with new music selections, a cooking segment, more guests and talkback. It will continue to be a ‘Home Away from Home’, presenting news and views for the region’s Filipino community and friends.


                                                                nenita-1. agnes a budding radio presenter community radio

                                                                      Agnes Alborough a budding 2MCE presenter.


“Pit Senyor”

Preparation of the in-house Senyor Sto Nino prayers for next year’s Saint’s Festival and Sinulog is now underway, so a very big thank you to all the ladies and men who volunteered to have the prayer in their homes. Your devotions and faithfulness are paying off. God Bless you all for keeping the lovely tradition alive.


                                                                nenita-9Sto Nino prayer

                                                                                  Sto. Nino prayer at Raglan.


Nathan Mierczak 18th birthday

Friends and relatives of Nathan gathered on his 18th birthday celebration at his home in Raglan. A very exciting day for Nathan, with friends from all over Central West attending. His mother Marie cooked, and made his beautiful cake. A pleasant gathering and nice time was had by all.


nenita-8Nathan turns 18th                                 nenita-7birthday

Nathan Mierczak with friends and family gathered for                                    Birthday Girls (l-r) Marilyn Walpole, Grace Gilmore,

his 18th birthday celebration.                                                                      Jennifer Brown, Agnes, Rebecca Collins, Alice Williams,

                                                                                                                Nenita Lopez, Crissy Cannon and Mhyeth Son.


Bathurst Car Racing Weekend

The Great Race has come and gone, with Holden beating Ford, what a surprise! Maybe next year Nissan and Mercedes will throw a cat amongst the pigeons. The event is growing in popularity and about 200,000 people visited Mount Panorama over the weekend. The races were notorious for riots, drunkenness and vandalism. But now it is a much quieter family affair and better for it.


Bathurst Inland Sea of Sound Festival

This festival is now in its 3rd year celebration and each the festival grows and diversifies. There were wonderful back Yard concerts, where a few of the local backyards are turned into beautiful venues and participants listen together as a community. Filipiniana Friends provided catering for the opening concert in the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre. The biggest drama of the night was when the fire alarms went off and the building was evacuated, with three fire trucks rushing to the scene. Some inbeciles had lit a fire in the garbage bins outside the window. Throw them in the bins I say.


Filipiniana Friends Charity Event a success.

“Bathurst meets Vegas” was this year’s charity event theme. The Filipiniana Friends Group of Bathurst held a successful fund raising event, in St Michael’s Parish Hall, making $700 for the Cancer Council of NSW and Disaster Relief in the Philippines. It was attended by a generous and enthusiastic crowd, who dressed up as characters including gamblers, horse breeders, magicians, showgirls and cartoon characters. There was a varied program of dancing and music including Vietnamese melodies played on traditional bamboo instruments by Hana Patmore, Gangnam dancing by a very energetic group from Cootamundra, Tinikling dancers by Darryl and Agnes risking their ankles between clashing bamboo poles, and some lovely solo singers. They were followed by an amazing karaoke session where people paid money to charity for singers to perform, with the very generous Alicia Williams paying over $200 for a single song. The karaoke and tinikling was excellent because it got the people involved and people were relaxing and enjoying themselves It was all very spectacular with many participants dressed up as Las Vegas characters. Darryl Swadling gave an address on behalf of the Cancer Council of NSW, exhorting people to quit smoking, keep out of the sun, eat well and exercise. Good advice for us all.


The event concluded with a traditional Filipino feast and plenty of time to talk and dance. Congratulations are in order for all those who gave their time and money to a good cause, including generous sponsors: Cootamundra Thai and Asian Restaurant, Marivic Manalo, Towers Antiques, IREMIT and the Cancer Council of NSW.


p28-nsw-nenita-5Filipiniana Friends Fundraising day                                 p28-nsw-nenita-6Allan Diwa raffle winner

Attending the October Cancer Awareness                                                    One of the raffle winners Alan Diwan,

Fundraising (l-r) Linda Cook, Henie Buckley and                                      Nenita Lopez and Greg Toledo

Sally Malaluan


nenita-3 Cootamundra and Young                                  nenita-4Some vegas character

Nice ladies and gentlemen from Young and Cootamundra                       Attending the Cancer Awareness fund raising (l-r) : 

attending the fundraising in Bathurst.                                                  Rowena Turnbull, Darrell Swadling, Vilma Lewis,

                                                                                                       Agnes Alborough, Bing Willott and Crissy .



                                                                                  nenita-2FilipinianaFriends fundraising

                                                        Filipiniana Friends Cancer Council Fundraising Bathurst



Philippines President Meets with the Members of the Filipino Community

More than a thousand Filipinos living and working in Australia warmly welcomed President Benigno S. Aquino III on his last day of visit in the country. In a meeting with the Filipino community held at John Therry Catholic High School in Rosemeadow, Campbelltown City, the President cited various developments in the Philippine economy and government. He told the Filipino community that those positive changes became possible through the help and support of each and every Filipino abroad. He reassured that his administration will continue to do what is best for the country until it achieves full progress and growth.


There are a total of 224,732 Filipinos in Australia according to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The community is one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in New South Wales. Mostly reside in 38 cities and urban areas in NSW, including 5000 in Campbelltown. The Philippines currently ranks as the fourth largest source of skilled migrants in Australia, and we are seeing a steady flow of engineers and miners to the Central West, attracted by the huge Cadia gold mine.


nenita-10P-NOYS State visit                                   nenita-11P-NOYS State visit                  

The State Visit Working Committee during His Excellency                                          Attending President Benigno Aquino III's State Visit (Community

Phl President Benigno Aquino III State Visit in Campbelltown                                   Meeting in Campbelltown) (l-r) Rowena Turnbull, Nenita Weekes,

                                                                                                                            Alicia Williams and Lina Brown



                                                                                                             nenita-12Consul Marford and Consulate Staff at the unveiling of Dr Jose Rizal monument

                                                         Consul Marford Angeles and Philippine Consulate in Sydney staff

                                                       attending the unveiling of Dr. Jose Rizal Monument in Campbelltown.


A Filipino Triumph Unveiled

Filipinos from the Central West travelled to Campbelltown to see the President unveil a statue of our national Hero Dr Jose P Rizal

Philippines President Benigno Aquino III, the first foreign head of state in recent memory to visit the city, praised Campbelltown and the city's Filipino community.


He visited Rizal Park at Rosemeadow to unveil the imposing 5m-tall bronze statue of The Philippines' foremost national hero Dr Jose Rizal, and was joined in unveiling the imposing five metre high bronze statue by Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario, NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell, Mayor Sue Dobson and Rizal Park Movement of Campbelltown President Rey Manoto.


Dr Rizal's peaceful activism and writing and death in 1896 sparked the Filipino revolution.


President Aquino paid tribute to the ideals of peaceful social change which he said Dr Rizal represented.


``No one in Australia has embraced the story of Dr Rizal like NSW and five of the six Rizal statues are in this state,'' Mr Aquino said.

He also acknowledged the support displayed by the Rizal Park Movement of Campbelltown and  the Campbelltown City Council in bringing the 2008 master plan for Rizal Park to a reality.''


The President said the positioning of the statue was an example of the ‘wonderful and inclusive' Australian culture.


Mr O'Farrell paid tribute to the city's Filipino community and to the way they had contributed to NSW's culture and economy.


Cr Dobson said Campbelltown was home to Sydney's second-largest Filipino community with 5000 people, and paid tribute to Mr Aquino and his family comparing their struggle in bringing democracy to the country to Dr Rizal's role in bringing independence to The Philippines.

Mr Manoto said the statue would become a focal point for Campbelltown's Filipino community as Dr Rizal was our national hero, he championed change through peaceful protest and he is still an inspiration to us today, It was a great day for the Filipino community and for Campbelltown, and showed what we Filipinos can do if we all pull together



                                                    Dr Jose Rizal’s five meters bronsed monument unveiled at Rizal park Campbelltown


Running around

Filipinos from the Central West travelled to Campbelltown to see the unveiling and attend the Presidential Address. We drove up on Thursday (thank goodness for Sat Nav, Rizal park is not the easiest place to find) and returned on Friday, calling in at the magnificent Rhododendron Gardens in full bloom at Blackheath. The statue unveiled by the President in Rizal Park is truly amazing and inspirational. Next morning we caught the new Bathurst Express providing a direct service to Sydney and back, allowing us to attend the thanksgiving ceremony at the Consulate and farewell Ceres, a long serving and helpful staffer. The train is nicknamed the ‘Bathurst Bullet’, but it is still not particularly fast through the Blue Mountains, but it is quiet, comfortable and clean; much more relaxing than a dangerous and frustrating car journey.





















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