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I would like to acknowledge Naomi Rudd who has just finished 13 years of schooling . The HSC exams is over for the year, and the waiting game for the results is nail-biting.

Naomi is our eldest granddaughter. She grew up in Wamberal with her little sister Noah. Naomi went to school at Wamberal Public then went to Narara Valley High School. While there she was involved in the performing arts and was also a student leader. Naomi is quiet and unassuming. In her senior years, she attended Tafe and studied nursing. Having a certificate has given her inspiration to follow this pathway for now. Maybe she’ll know what career she will pursue in time. For now, she is joining some friends in the schoolie week adventure . We wish them a safe but fun short holiday. All the best, Naomi.

We had a very successful multicultural food fair early November with the various multicultural groups in St Patrick’s Catholic Church. Ms Adrienne for St Patrick ably coordinated this food fair which was a fundraising for the Salvatorian mission in Manila. Elsie Alipalo and Joji Lorenzo coordinated the Filipino core group, and wholeheartedly organized the Filipino Catholic Community at St Patrick’s . Our lady volunteer chefs did a marvellous job preparing our favourite dishes. Thank you to all who did their favourite dishes to be shared. It was clearly the most popular ( I am biased) in the afternoon and the Australian delicacies close second. I also had a taste of the Polish dish cooked by Fr. Robert and my, that was delicious!

Marivic King organized the performers and once again the popular Tinikling was on stage, Christian doing his presentation and 3 young Indian girls doing their traditional dance. Father Tadeusz Seremet PP of St Patrick’s thanked all the cultural group participants for their hard work. Till next year.

We are still speechless and in shock after the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that affected Bohol in October . Now we are feeling the effects of the super-typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) all over Central Philippines, which stormed through Samar early dawn over 10 days ago. It is believed that over 3000 perished with the super storm. Recovery operations are going on with the number for dead citizens increasing as the remote villages are reached for sign of survivors. The global community like the USA and UK, are all helping and non-government agencies have opened their coffers for the people of Leyte, Cebu, Samar, Bohol and numerous towns and villages for the humanitarian efforts to ease the pain and distress of our countrymen.

Amidst all the tragedies in our homeland come a big hope that in time things will get better. Homes will be re-build, lives will be normal again (though pain remains) - businesses will be back. It may be a slow process, but we have a president who has vowed to stay in Tacloban till things will be a bit better for the grieving community. For now, we heard that Cebu will be the HUB for the arrival of resources, food and various donations from other countries. There will be tents to be constructed maybe, as the basic means of living has to be addressed as soon as possible. Let’s pray this will be quick for the sake of those displaced, homeless and orphaned waiting for a warm bed, clean water, clean clothes. Not to mention , the schools and school children who now are in effect without their teachers, and no schools, supplies, books , desks , chairs and tables. Yes the recovery period takes time , maybe years and Central Philippines NEED ALL we can muster!

Our local organizations here on the Central Coast like the Australian Filipino Association of the CC , Inc, the Filipino Class, The Central Coast Ugnay Kabayan and Migrante, Juan Ride, the Catholic Church Community of St Cecilia with PP Fr Vladimir Echalas, SOLT., Filipino Catholic Community of St Patrick are all rallying behind the call for donations...either sending through the Red Cross, UNICEF, ABS-CBN, CARITAS or directly to contacts in the affected area.

Every little bit will help. Thank you all. Hanggang sa muli. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!


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