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Saturday, 08 February 2014 03:49




Magkaisa ! This was the theme of the fundraising night organized by Linda Baisa of Montage Entertainment for the benefit of Typhoon Yolanda Victims. It featured Sydney’s top entertainers and two Sydney bands, Maynilad and The New Horizon Bands.

POPULAR PINOY ICON GABBY CONCEPCION, singer /actor extraordinaire from Manila, was on stage as guest of Western Union, Major sponsors for the night. He delighted the audience with his endearing stage presence and soulful songs. He showed good sportsmanship by doing the “audience” participation section with enthusiasm and aplomb. It was quite hilarious having to do “The Voice” challenge with three ladies on stage answering the questions. It was by the way themed Western Union, with questions from the FAQs sheet. Thanks Rod Dingle for being the Emcee for the night.

I was quite impressed by the show with so many performers . The Sonata singers led by Louisa Tagudin from Western Sydney were the opening act, with Rod Dingle doing a great job singing a beautiful ballad with them . The 2 bands did their respective sessions and were rewarded by fun-loving dancing couples and photo taking. I spotted Consul-Gen Anne Jalando-on Louis and Consul Marford Angeles with their staff enjoying the night.

The recent calamities that our motherland has experienced has brought together concerned and caring countrymen. So in all four corners of the globe, Filipinos have done or still doing their own share of fundraising to be sent overseas to alleviate the sufferings of those affected by the most recent catastrophe, Yolanda. Life goes on in the very distressed Central Visayas towns and cities , but the Filipino spirit is strong and hopeful that the tide will turn and rebuilding and rehabilitation will give them happiness or contentment during this Holy Season.
There are continuing fundraising activities in around Australia by different organizations and of course these worthy projects are encouraged because rehabilitation is a long process and it will take years to rebuild infrastructure or if you want , a whole city or towns devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

MY PCC-NSW 2013-The PHILIPPINE COMMUNITY COUNCIL- NSW is the PEAK Body of community organizations here in New South Wales.It serves as a conduit with the Philippine Government. In NSW, Con-Gen Anne Jalando-on Louis is our Official representative with Consul Marford Angeles, assisting her and the Consular staff housed at the Philippine Consulate General Offices in Sydney. Our Ambassador Belen Anota’s office is at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra. These two offices support the vision and goals of the PHILIPPINE COMMUNITY COUNCIL.

VOLUNTEERISM: A Passion with Compassion
Having said that, I can assure my readers that we try to cover our tracks in what we do. I have become aware of my passion for VOLUNTEERISM since I obtained a permanent position with the Department of Education early 1980’s. I have worked my way through the community first as a primary teacher then member of the Filcos Blacktown Community. The “seeds” of passion and compassion , working with my faith community were sown then with Fr. Renato Paras by our side. I have worked with Josie and Dom Pangilinan, Belen and Bob Mendoza, Lourdes Domingo , Lou Moonen, Mila Alforque, Max and Leah Encomienda, Phil and Mila Ranoso, Luz Tiqui, Bing Santos, to name a few. These friends have become my brothers and sisters in Faith, which nurtured my unique gift of loving and caring for the underdog, the young, the frail, the disadvantaged and new migrants. It has become my mantra through my years of raising a family and working. My transition to volunteering with PCC came later.

It was during our move to the Central Coast that this change came to our lives. We joined the AUSTRALIAN FILIPINO ASSOCIATION OF THE CENTRAL COAST, and by the time I was voted in as the President, we became an Affiliate of PCC-NSW. We enjoyed the new friendships and the activities when we joined as members from regional Sydney as they were unique and refreshing. There were activities we attended to highlight our unique position from the bush. We were visited by ex-presidents of PCC-NSW and performed and dined with them . It was always a pleasure to come down to Sydney and support our Affiliates on certain occasions. Then I had the opportunity to become a director of organization. I have become the PRO ( Press Relations Officer) this year by default. NO ONE fronted as candidate last March. So I put my hand up that very day and was successful.

I have started writing for PCHN when we moved here in 1995. From then I have created Poetry in English, Tagalog and Ilocano. I write a column and mainly talk about my experiences . My most favourite topics are my family, my local community and occasional comments on certain issues. I write about TRUTH and BEAUTY and usually touch on MORAL VALUES and ETHICS. I want people to learn from my topics, and not cringe and despair. I try to avoid salacious topics, lies, confrontational or degrading issues. That way I believe I can bring out the best and positive in people by being who I am. It’s not that hard to be uncomplicated.

We maybe experiencing highs and lows this time of the year. But we must not lose sight of the REASON for the SEASON, which is the Celebration of the Birth of Baby Jesus. May this reminder give us hope for the future. Keep our hearts open for His coming. Try to find a space for others needing a hug, an embrace, a kind word and thoughtful act.

This world is full of wonders, we must go out there and find them, through the people we meet, places we visit and in the prayer we express. Let us be full of thanksgiving in our hearts for the gift of Life, of Family of Friendship. May the Grace and Blessings that Christmas bring abide is us all through the New Year. Mag-ingat po at Mabuhay tayong lahat.!



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I would like to acknowledge Naomi Rudd who has just finished 13 years of schooling . The HSC exams is over for the year, and the waiting game for the results is nail-biting.

Naomi is our eldest granddaughter. She grew up in Wamberal with her little sister Noah. Naomi went to school at Wamberal Public then went to Narara Valley High School. While there she was involved in the performing arts and was also a student leader. Naomi is quiet and unassuming. In her senior years, she attended Tafe and studied nursing. Having a certificate has given her inspiration to follow this pathway for now. Maybe she’ll know what career she will pursue in time. For now, she is joining some friends in the schoolie week adventure . We wish them a safe but fun short holiday. All the best, Naomi.

We had a very successful multicultural food fair early November with the various multicultural groups in St Patrick’s Catholic Church. Ms Adrienne for St Patrick ably coordinated this food fair which was a fundraising for the Salvatorian mission in Manila. Elsie Alipalo and Joji Lorenzo coordinated the Filipino core group, and wholeheartedly organized the Filipino Catholic Community at St Patrick’s . Our lady volunteer chefs did a marvellous job preparing our favourite dishes. Thank you to all who did their favourite dishes to be shared. It was clearly the most popular ( I am biased) in the afternoon and the Australian delicacies close second. I also had a taste of the Polish dish cooked by Fr. Robert and my, that was delicious!

Marivic King organized the performers and once again the popular Tinikling was on stage, Christian doing his presentation and 3 young Indian girls doing their traditional dance. Father Tadeusz Seremet PP of St Patrick’s thanked all the cultural group participants for their hard work. Till next year.

We are still speechless and in shock after the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that affected Bohol in October . Now we are feeling the effects of the super-typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) all over Central Philippines, which stormed through Samar early dawn over 10 days ago. It is believed that over 3000 perished with the super storm. Recovery operations are going on with the number for dead citizens increasing as the remote villages are reached for sign of survivors. The global community like the USA and UK, are all helping and non-government agencies have opened their coffers for the people of Leyte, Cebu, Samar, Bohol and numerous towns and villages for the humanitarian efforts to ease the pain and distress of our countrymen.

Amidst all the tragedies in our homeland come a big hope that in time things will get better. Homes will be re-build, lives will be normal again (though pain remains) - businesses will be back. It may be a slow process, but we have a president who has vowed to stay in Tacloban till things will be a bit better for the grieving community. For now, we heard that Cebu will be the HUB for the arrival of resources, food and various donations from other countries. There will be tents to be constructed maybe, as the basic means of living has to be addressed as soon as possible. Let’s pray this will be quick for the sake of those displaced, homeless and orphaned waiting for a warm bed, clean water, clean clothes. Not to mention , the schools and school children who now are in effect without their teachers, and no schools, supplies, books , desks , chairs and tables. Yes the recovery period takes time , maybe years and Central Philippines NEED ALL we can muster!

Our local organizations here on the Central Coast like the Australian Filipino Association of the CC , Inc, the Filipino Class, The Central Coast Ugnay Kabayan and Migrante, Juan Ride, the Catholic Church Community of St Cecilia with PP Fr Vladimir Echalas, SOLT., Filipino Catholic Community of St Patrick are all rallying behind the call for donations...either sending through the Red Cross, UNICEF, ABS-CBN, CARITAS or directly to contacts in the affected area.

Every little bit will help. Thank you all. Hanggang sa muli. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!


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Monday, 25 November 2013 20:35






On the Central Coast there are several religious groups who follow the Rosary Crusade in honour of our Lady of Fatima. At the Star of the Sea in Terrigal, we have a permanent timetable for the Rosary. We also have 2 groups to my knowledge who follow the trail of the Blessed Virgin being received by different host families.

I have had the pleasure of receiving Mother Mary at our old residence in Wamberal and which continued on to Forresters Beach. I always felt like old times when we were growing up in Tagudin. I grew up living my Catholic Faith following my mother, Lolas and spinster aunties and numerous cousins to our block Rosary nights. I would always be “napping” in the corner of the room, but still went with the group to visit houses. It was a great upbringing, one that would reflect on my future life.

The recitation of the Holy Rosary is a phenomenon happening in our homes and up to now, the Rosary has become a sort of protection for us when we travel as it occupies our bags or pockets.

In Wyoming Church, they celebrated the Feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary with the multicultural groups including our Filipino congregation on the first week of October. It was a joyful occasion attended by young and old , under the ministry of Fr. Andrew.

Two groups of pilgrims went to Berrima and to Penrose, respectively to pay homage to our Lady’s Feast day on Oct. 13. Fr. Vlad was on hand to visit with Berrima devotees , while our pilgrims who went to Penrose was headed by our Dr. Lydia Camus. Meanwhile , the Catholic Community of St Patrick’s Gosford attended the 2nd Sunday Tagalog Mass, celebrated by Fr. Bert Ochoa. There was a robust sharing at our fellowship.






The Philippine-Australian Sports & Culture, Inc, (PASCI) has just held their 25th FIESTA KULTURA at Fairfield Showground. President Manny Castillo and his Board adapted the Fiesta theme “Nurturing the Bayanihan Spirit”, as was expressed by our Consul-General Anne Jalando-on Louis in her Philippine Independence address last June 12, 2013 at Philippine House.

I would like to reiterate that I see a lot of our countrymen involved in “bayanihan” and this cultural value speaks so much about us Filipinos. It shows that when we welcome a new family within our midst or while living in the same community, and someone needs our help or assistance. I am sure the PASCI officers and affiliates will go on as community leaders as per their goals and vision.

Thank you for the early years when our own four girls were performers through the local groups we used to belong in Western Sydney. I must admit we have been the classic “stage” parents, driving the girls to different venues for rehearsals or performances. We used to watch the different shows and then again stayed for the Pageant. Things have remained basically the same procedure only the pageant participants have doubled. Definitely , proceeds and the fund raising have increased and more needy recipients benefit from the contributions. Not bad.

Meanwhile , the ILOCANO ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA, joined the Art and Craft section of the Fiesta Kultura , with President Alex del Prado and the ladies in demonstrating his special skill in Parol making! Espie Pogson , Peter and I did the Sipa demonstration , while Andrea, Millie Banan, Lily Ines and Elsa Collado helped in the Parol demonstration and the children colouring in. It was great to see all the spectators and visitors dropping by commenting on the Parol . Ambassador Belen Anota and Con-Gen Anne Jalando’on Louis dropped by and the mandatory photo session ensued. Naimbag ken naragsak nga aldaw kadakayo amin Apo! Napigsa ti “bayanihan” dagiti nagaget nga Ilocano.

Peter and I had the pleasure of assisting my brother Rod as Sydney played host to Gabby Concepcion. He was the official performer who came to help launch the new WESTERN UNION service D2B, offered to its worldwide customers.


Next time you will send some money home go WESTERN UNION and use their DIRECT TO BANK transaction. Salamat , WESTERN UNION.

The 3rd WOW BLACKTOWN Multicultural Fair also happened on the following day and again GABBY CONCEPCION was the Special Guest. Ms RAQUEL PELLERO, President of AUSTRALIAN-FILIPINO BUSINESS & WORKERS CLUB INC. (AFBWCI), watching from the sideline, was grinning happily and beside herself with the success of the day. Highlights of the afternoon was the Little Mr and Little Miss Pageant.

Congratulations Rod Dingle for successful two days promoting WESTERN UNION and overseeing that the show was entertaining and fun. Hanggang sa muli.

MASAYANG KAARAWAN SA OKTUBRE: Congratulations to October celebrants Niq Demagante, Ariel Demagante, Sonny Palibino, Rod Dingle, Jason Shilliday ( Northern Ireland) , Peter Rudd, Roland Blancaflor, Ian Taylor, Tess Stephens . Ingat po. Be proud being a Filipino. Mabuhay!





Birthday Bash in Central Coast hosted by Mr. & Mrs Palibino’s family.





Central Coast Bus Trip at Berrima... by Vida


Monday, 04 November 2013 06:24


ni Emily D. Rudd, CC

Ang dagat ay nakakalula!
Malawak at matalinghaga-
Ang alon ay napakalamig sa binti
Pero ang puso ko mandin –
Ay umaawit ng isang kundiman,
Para sa isang ala-ala sa isang
Malayong dalampasigan.
Nagdulot minsan ng pag-ibig at pag-asa.
Salamat sa mga nagdaan na araw.
Ako ngayon ay nasa kalangitan-
Kasama ang mga makikinang na bituin,
At ang mailap na buwan ---
Na ngumi-ngiti at parang nagsasabi.
Huwag malungkot –
Ang bagong umaga ay narito-
Nagdadala ng panibagong kapayapaan
Sa puso mo.
Sagot ng iyong dalangin na sana ay magmaliw
At bumalik ang iyong pinakamamahal-
Sa piling mo.


by Emily D. Rudd, CC


Introducing with pride the new musical group from Gosford City, composed of nine members. It is called ‘JUAN RIDE’. The group’s name JUAN RIDE being Juan after Juan de la Cruz, often used to represent the “Filipino everyman”; and RIDE, their journey through music.

The group was formed in January 2012 when a few members of the Filipino-Australian Catholic Community Choir in the Central Coast budded out to stretch the genre of songs for choral singing. Since then, they had been singing during multicultural activities in the local area, at weddings and birthdays and most recently doing fundraising events. They had a very important performance recently in Penrith with the Filipino Tenors. How amazing was that!

Juan Ride is a non-profit group that performs to serve our parish and the Filipino community. The mini-concert at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in East Gosford held last 8th September was to raise funds for the flood victims in the Philippines from the recent Tropical Storm “Maring”. Proceeds were sent via ABS-CBN FOUNDATION, Inc- Sagip Kapamilya through the assistance of Forexworld Australia.


Juan Ride had an overwhelming response from the parishioners of St Patrick’s Church and the Filipino-Australian Catholic Community. They sang 9 favourite religious and uplifting songs with one of the most applauded “Paraiso”, which means paradise, composed by Ryan Cayabyab. Fr. Tadeusz Seremet, parish priest of St. Patrick’s Church, speaks highly of the group and the parishioners just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful rendition of the choral group!
The mini-concert fundraising event was a huge success. And it would have not been possible without the profound support of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church parishioners and the members of the Filipino-Australian Catholic Community of Central Coast.



Juan Ride at the mini-concert inside St. Patrick’s Church, East Gosford




Juan Ride with Fr. Tadeusz Seremet, Parish Priest of St. Patrick’s Church (L-R) Jerrelyn Swinbourne,

Michelle Josue (Mica), Stella Inkpen, Corazon Luisa Caro (Colou), Fr. Tadeusz Seremet, Jorel Alvarez,

Theo Saba, Alvin Reyes, Josephine Lorenzo (Joji) and Mylene Lorenzo.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 00:22



The main news for now will just have to be the election of the new Federal Government. PM Tony Abbott is the 28th Prime Minister of Australia. He is married to Margaret and they have three daughters. They were originally from the United Kingdom. The Abbott family have settled in Forrestville .

Mr Abbott succeeded ex PM Kevin Rudd, who has been the 25th and 27th PM of Australia in some unprecedented circumstances. Through some twists of fate, Julia Gillard has become the 26th when she toppled Kevin Rudd during a Labor Party showdown.

The June 2013 Labor Party spill has been a short-lived Rudd- time once again at the Lodge. This time Labor Party’s luck ran out on Sept 7, when LNP WON the election.

Today, the newest occupants of the Lodge have been sworn in together with his all-male cabinet except the Foreign Affairs portfolio, which was allocated to Julie Bishop. Good luck to the new federal office-bearers. I wonder why there are no other women in the cabinet!!

PM Tony Abbott, as leader of the Coalition has to allocate also some responsibilities to the National Party. The Deputy Leader for LNP is MP from the Nationals.



Family life has been quite hectic through the years. More so when the children are growing up. Even during their schooling days, we had a close knit group of friends we have associated with. Now that they have finished with school, the children in turn make their own fun with their own friends. As for us we remain steadfast for old times’ sake, and cling to some old memories or friendships that are genuinely cherished and held dear.

In our RUDD CLAN here on the Central Coast, our first granddaughter Naomi just finished her Year 12. On her graduation day, she got a Distinction for Leadership in Narara Valley High as a Prefect for 2013. The Graduation Day ceremony was attended by parents, grandparents and siblings of almost 200 Year 12 STUDENTS. ! In 3 weeks time they have to undergo the HSC Examination. Good luck everyone!!

Social group which relish friendships among the family group-members. Every month they hold their monthly socials with celebration of the birthday celebrants. They also organised under the leadership of President Joel Florido the AFA CYCLING Club. Open to men and women members, they have been cycling around the Woywoy to the Entrance, Long Jetty and back. Very healthy!! Good on you fellows.


In East Gosford continue to do the Second Sunday Holy Eucharist with Relieving Chaplain Fr. Norberto Ochoa. In WYONG’s St Cecilia Catholic Parish, we have Fr. Vlad, Fr. Raul and Fr. Alex from the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity (SOLT) doing their sacred Priestly Ministry for the local community of Filipino Australians . They also hold their Third Sunday Holy Eucharist in Filipino.


which started in Gorokan Primary School under the UGNAY KABAYAN (CCUK) initiative and which is now being managed by the PCCC with a team of active parents is up and running under the mentoring of Jenny. They now hold classes in Wadalba Primary School.

Meanwhile, CCUK members are quite active in MULTICULTURAL events while MIGRANTE is involved in the peace process with some issues involving our Overseas Workers and other significant happenings in the Philippines today including the alleged pork barrel scam and plundering cases.

Lastly, we also hold the praying of the HOLY ROSARY for our LADY and this group has a following led by Nancy and devotees from Wyong Shire. We have had some assemblies in different hosts homes. October is the month of Our Lady and expect another get-together at one of the host families’ homes.

We all continue to keep our heads up high and live in this LUCKY COUNTRY, with a heartfelt thanksgiving for all the graces we have received and still enjoy!!



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