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Lourdes Kaiser - Dr. Tom Cardona - Lecturer BSc.Ag.Eng (ViSCA), M.Eng (AIT), MSc/PhD (UNSW)

  Dr. Tom Cardona is a Scientist at the New Product Development (NPD) department of the Sanitarium Development and Innovation (SDI), which is the Research and Development unit of the Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company (commonly known only as “Sanitarium”) in Australia. Sanitarium is the producer of the most popular breakfast cereals (Weetbix and Up & Go) in Australia. Other products from Sanitarium include Soy milk, Almond milk, peanut butter, marmite and vegetarian products such as notulene, notmeat, tender pieces and the Vegie Delight products like vegetarian sausages, bacon, rashers and smoked slices.

  Dr. Tom is working with the team responsible for development of new products and processes mainly breakfast cereals. He is the Technical expert for all thermal processing aspects the canned products. He has extensive experience in assessment and validation of different retorts and other thermal processing devices at Sanitarium and conducted numerous heat penetration studies of different canned foods in tin cans, vacuum packages and flexible pouches. He has validated a number scheduled thermal processes for different canned products and evaluated thermal process data from various canned products subjected to non-scheduled processes. He has also experience in Food and Water Microbiology, allergen testing and quality assurance program in food processing.

  Prior to working at Sanitarium, Dr. Tom was the Microbiologist and then became the Laboratory Manager at Enviro-Managers at the Newcastle Laboratory (Newcastle, Australia). He was also the Manager of the Port Stephen Shellfish Quality Assurance Program for the Oysters growers association in Port Stephens estuary, New South Wales, Australia. Before his immigration to Australia, he worked as a Research Laboratory Supervisor at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand after completing his Masters’ degree. He worked also as a Science Research Specialist at the Regional Coconut Research Center, based at the Visayas State College of Agriculture (ViSCA), which is now the Leyte State University after completing his Bachelor’s degree.

  Dr. Tom holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from ViSCA graduating as Cum Laude. He has Masters’ Degree in Engineering major in Food Engineering and Postharvest Technology at the Asian Institute Technology (AIT) Bangkok, Thailand. He has completed another Masters’ degree, Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Food Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. After completing his M.Sc. at UNSW, he was awarded a scholarship to continue his studies and completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Food Engineering. He is a Professional member of the Australian Institute of Food Science Technology and a certified “Approved Person” for thermal processing.

  Dr. Tom is married to Engr. Jocelyn Guyano-Cardona (Civil Engineering, CIT 1985). The family is now living in the City of Newcastle, which is the second largest city of New South Wales (7th largest city in Australia) (By: Engr. Jocelyn Cardona - CIT-U AAA ‘PULSE’ Editor)

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