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From Lismore by Luz Besanes Bentley Art Prize 2015 31 years of success and is still going strong - the Bentley Art Prize.

  It was made possible by the committed and dedicated Bentley Hall Committee and the Bentley Community.  The event is held annually since 1985 at the Bentley Public Hall.  The Hall is also used twice a week as the Pre School serving the many families in the community.  The event is considered as one of the most prestigious art prize in the North Coast.  Its purpose is to showcase the talents of the emerging artists to the wider community.  The proceeds raised goes towards keeping up the Bentley Public Hall and to a nominated Charity Organisation.

  The Art Work comes from local artists and from afar.  All throughout the years, it has grown and has a great benefit for the Bentley Community.  It started with 70 entries the first time and now it has reached to 700 entries.  This year, it started on 31 July till 02 August - days everyone enjoyed.

  The day was full of fun.  Entrance fee is $5.00 per person.  There was an entertainment of Country Music, Food Stalls (Cakes and Biscuits), Sausage sizzles and kids has their own place under the trees by the side of the Hall to enjoy doing their own paintings.  

  The different sections were:  Section 1 - Richmond Dairies - open painting prize; 2 - Richmond Valley Council Acquisition Prize; 3 - Casino RSM Acquisition Prize; 4 - Drawing Prize; 5 - Amateur Painting Prize; 6 - In and Around Bentley; 7 - Library Acquisition Painting Prize; 8 - Art Other Than Painting Prize; 9 - Golden Oldies Prize - over 70 years; 10 - Student Art Prize - under 21 years; 11 - Primary School Art Prize; 12 - Open Photographer Prize - Colour or Black and White ( Landscape and General); 13 - Student Photography Prize - Primary and High School; 14 - Open Scrapbooking Prize - Single Page, Double Page, Novice Page

  Thanks to the Sponsors, Volunteers, Exhibitors and the Community who made it all possible.

Helen Trustum - Art Prize Coordinator

Bentley Downs, 835 Manifold Road, Bentley  NSW  2480

Phone (02) 6663 5283; Mobile 0407431725; Fax (02) 6663 5296

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    Casino is well known as the Beef Capital of Australia. It is a peaceful community located in the heart of the Richmond Valley Region in the State of New South Wales. It is 733km North of Sydney and 256km South of Brisbane. In the 2011 census, it has a population of 10,558. It has a rich agricultural land. The place was named after the Casino Station owned by Mr Clark Irving, which was named after Cassino (near Monte Cassino in Italy) with which it has a city agreement. It has a big cattle industry in the region - cattle of all breeds. The focus is always in cattle and the life of the land. The festival had started in 1982 following a public meeting to discuss the options for an annual festival. It was so called in that name as they reckoned that the main employment in the area is beef cattle - so came the “Casino Beef Week” in the history of the Richmond Valley Region.
    The celebration is well known as the regional festival which happens annually with the average of 20,000 people in the main parade which happens on Saturday. The Filipino Community Organization of Northern Rivers, schools, organization among others was a delightful event to watch.
    Lots of enjoyable things to see - the milking competition, led steer cattle and stud cattle competition, stalls, stage entertainments, whip cracking, wood chopping, junior stockman, street entertainers, art and craft, exhibitions, food stalls, show and shine, free breakfast and a lot more. There were sixty events that ran for 10 days from 23 May-02 June.
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    Many younger generation who grew up in the area and had moved somewhere else had came back and be a part of the celebration and also visiting their families and friends. There is no place like home.
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    Thank you for the organisers, businesses, participants and the community who had supported and make the Casino Beef Week successful. See you next year.

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