Seven Grand Years for the Lismore City “Human Library”

by Luz Besanes Press



(l-r) Judith Light - ‘Human Book’, Lucy Kinsley - Manager, Lismore City Library, MP Thomas George,

June Crawford - Staff, Lismore City Library, Digby Moran - ‘Human Book’ and Agnes J. Tierney - ‘Human Book’.


Celebration - a great time to enjoy and share that joy to the members of the Lismore community and surrounds. 


Beautiful day, vibrant people getting ready for the 7th year celebration of the Lismore City “Human Library”on the 01 November 2013.


It has come to life on November 2006 where people from all walks of life tell their amazing stories as members of the Human Library known as “Human Books”. People who benefit from the goodness of such outreach are the different schools, organisations, Nursing Homes and the members of the community far and wide. Each story is informative, educational and has its own unique way of conveying friendship for a 30 minute chat to the “Human Books”available.

As you may be aware of, our community consists of beautiful people who from day to day though busy from their routines, yet find a spare time to talk to the “Human Books”.

People who have the time to read the “Human Books” has indeed gain more knowledge on various people living in our community. Knowing
other cultures and experiences as the “Human Books”would share, I think has given more insights on who and what we are in the community. Such stories are real - true to life as I may put it. It works both ways, the Readers learn from the “Human Books” and the Human Books” learn from its Readers.

If you are in the area for a visit, you are welcome to spend time with any book you may want to borrow. It is on every first Friday each month from 11:00AM - 1:00PM (Lismore City Library, Magellan Street, Lismore) Phone (02) 66212464 


Extending our thanks to MP Thomas George, Mayor Jenny Dowell, Lucy Kinsley and the Team and the community for the great support. Cheers!


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