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Isabel’s  30th Birthday

The lovely Isabel turned 30 last September 15th and the birthday party was held at her close friend Cindy’s place. Isabel’s friends, workmates from Willow Day Care Centre, ex services club and her loved ones gathered  to celebrate Isabel’s  30th birthday.  


Around 30 people turned up including Victor’s immediate family who are wonderful and down to earth people. Although it was only a small group, it was relaxing and everyone enjoyed the drinks and the lovely food prepared by Isabel and Victor. We had a succulent roast pig cooked by Victor who is Isabel’s boyfriend. Victor had captured the wild pig from the bush where he normally goes hunting. Other ladies brought different dishes as well in which we all shared and enjoyed. After the meal the party began -  we played and sang karaoke followed by dancing afterwards. It was great meeting new people and catching up with some friends. Everyone had a good time there was much laughter and talking going on as the time went by everyone seemed to get on well and had a great night.   Isabel thanked her friends and love ones for their love and support. Isabel is a lovely and caring person. 


Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you all the very best.



p15-nsw-espie-4Victori and Isabel                                       p15espie

            Isabel with her boyfriend Victor                                                                  (l-r) Savanah, Angie, Eva, Glenda and Isabel


nswespie                                       p15-nsw-espie-

      (l-r) Mrs Sharpe, Rebecca, Espie and Gordon                                                          (l-r) Tony, Isabel, Hunter and Katie



The BFAC group organized a barbecue at the park which was a great idea to catch up with the respective group members and loved ones. The group provided the food and drinks for the members and their families. It was a fun day for everyone, the kids enjoyed playing and running around in the park while the parents were busy catching up with friends while relaxing. It was glorious weather, sunny yet it was not too hot.




Well done to the BFAC members for such excellent support and generous contributions.  


p15-nsw-espie-6The birthday celebrants-                                   p15-nsw-espie-6BFAC Members barbeque at the park

The birthday celebrants (l-r) Mona De Guzman, Bing                                                BFAC Members barbeque at the park

Ybanes Soriano Willott, Vilma Tolido Fajaron and 

Maribel Steban Janssen.


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