(l-r) Mrs Lyn Freudenstien, Honorary Mayor Stuart Freudenstien of Young, Marilyn Stemn, Emma Cabaro, Rowena Gonzaga Turnbull and Josie Johnson (l-r) Mrs Lyn Freudenstien, Honorary Mayor Stuart Freudenstien of Young, Marilyn Stemn, Emma Cabaro, Rowena Gonzaga Turnbull and Josie Johnson




Congratulations Young

What a fantastic celebration, Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia with a population of over 6,960 yearly hosts the national Cherry Festival. The event attracts people from all over the country, it also has 35 different ethnic groups in the community. Young celebrated the multicultural community event last Sunday the 3rd of November, 2012 and the venue was held at the Catherine McCauley Hall. People from different backgrounds and races such as Thai, German, Cambodian, Chinese, Fijian, Samoan, New Zealander, Indonesian, Bangladesh, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Filipino supported the multicultural event. People from as far as Canberra, Griffith, Bathurst, Cowra, Temora, Cootamundra, Grenfell and Harden came to Young to support and be a part of the occasion. Having a multicultural community is an advantage for everyone because we learn more about other cultures from different backgrounds, it gives us the insight on how they engage and perceive or how they interact with other cultures. Furthermore, by embracing multiculturalism we would avoid building barriers that could limit the intimacy and connection with other people. Thank you, the Young local community for the acceptance and acknowledgement of the ethnic groups in your community. The elderly residence from the Southern Cross retirement village we’re also invited to celebrate the very significant occasion and it was a brilliant idea. I have not seen or heard something similar like this before and I must say, it was very impressive indeed.

The program was composed of the presentation of The Philippine Cultural Society Dance Troupe of Canberra who danced, Masurka, Tinikling and Guzo; Puppet Show by Veronica; Bangladesh Number by Assam Ahssan; Hawaiian Dance - Special number by Rowena Gonzaga Turnbull; A solo song by Robyn Russel; Samoan Song by Popo Family; Parade of Costumes – Parade of different nationalities unique costumes. Some members from different ethnic groups participated in the program; some performed various traditional dances and delivered a great show to the delight of the audience who attended the multicultural event. The first door prize raffle was won by Mary Hall, one of the residences from Southern Cross Retirement Village. Thanks to Mayor Stuart Freudenstien for his participation in the event by presenting gifts with all the performers. It was indeed, a great night everything went smoothly and was very well organized. All members of the Young and District Multicultural Association Inc. brought beautiful food and desserts in which they all shared. Thanks to all the members of Young and District Multicultural Assoc. Inc. for their great support and generosity to make it all possible. Thanks to all performer for delivering a unique and excellent performance. The multicultural event was emceed and organized by the talented Josie Johnson, the president of Young and District Multicultural Assoc. Inc. Josie Johnson has been living in Young for the last 31 years, a very down to earth person and well respected in the community. Congratulations, Josie Johnson and we hope to see more great events in Young to come in the future.



On October 27th 2012, BFAC had a trivia night and it was held at St Michael’s Hall in Bathurst. People from as far as Temora, Young, Orange, Blayney and Lithgow came to support the BFAC Group. Undoubtedly, the trivia night was a huge success.

For the very first time Bathurst Rotary Club affiliated with the BFAC Group.


The BFAC Group provided the food and drinks and the 30 members from the Bathurst Rotary Club paid $30.00 each for the meal. And everyone who participated in the trivia donated $5.00 excluding the Bathurst Rotary Club.


Funds raised during the event were given to Bathurst Rotary Club for their charity project.


It was great to see how everyone comes together regardless of race and religion, they raised money for those who are in greater need and less fortunate.


It was a brilliant combined effort between BFAC and the Bathurst Rotary Club. The trivia night was organized by Ann Hernandez, BFAC president and Bathurst Rotary East Club president Bob Newton.


The trivia night was emceed by the lovely couple Joe and Ella Landicho who are both BFAC members. Joe used to be the BFAC president a few years ago but resigned due to his work commitments.


The food was served after the trivia. The BFAC members brought beautiful dishes and desserts in which we all enjoyed and shared. There were so many varieties and the food was fantastic. During the meal the crowd were continuously entertained by some BFAC members who took turns singing karaoke.


The meal was followed by some of the BFAC group members performing a few traditional dances and they were fantastic. The performances consisted of the following dances:The Pandango sa Ilaw, Bulaklak and Tinikling


The performers were wearing beautiful traditional costumes which they changed between each dance, to the delight of the audience who came to support the charity cause. The performers danced beautifully and looked absolutely gorgeous in their costumes. It was a very well organized event; from the food to the performances and everything in between, indeed, it was a very enjoyable night and everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks to all BFAC members for their continuous support and generous contribution to make it all possible and especially those who took time out of their busy schedules to make this happen. Thanks to everyone who came to the trivia night, the donations will be a great help to those people who are in greater need and less fortunate than others. Thanks to Bob Newton of Bathurst Rotary East Club and the members in joining the BFAC Group for sharing the experience and the common goal.



























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