Evelyn Zaragoza

Evelyn Zaragoza

Police are searching for a syndicate of women who have allegedly …...been preying on Asian women and scamming them out of large ……amounts of money and other valuables in various Eastern suburbs …...throughout Victoria. CA6431 - FACE GW 1


One such instance occurred in Glen Waverley between 2:30pm and 4:30pm on 16 August 2012.


On this occasion, two women approached the 46 year old victim, pretending not to know each other, and initiated a conversation about a mythical Chinese doctor. 


The conversation was used to gather personal information about the victim. This information was then conveyed to a third woman as they spoke.


Electricity consumers could be left with a $400 million bill following the decision of NBN Co to walk away from negotiations with the NSW Government on the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN).


Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce said NBN Co has refused to pay the full cost for installing the fibre network in NSW, leaving a shortfall of up to $400 million over 20 years, to be picked up by NSW electricity consumers.


“I am angry that NBN Co is poised to use draconian powers to override the NSW Government by routing NBN fibre on electricity poles despite the NSW Government being ready to negotiate the cost,” Mr Pearce said.


Monday, 26 November 2012 04:13


Changes to Australia’s visa pricing system make for a fairer ‘user-pays’ approach of charging for visas, the Acting Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Kate Lundy, said today.


Announced as part of the Government’s release of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the improved pricing model will increase visa charges in areas of significant demand.


Senator Lundy said the Government had already made some changes to visa pricing in the last year as part of the move to the fairer user-pays system.


Australia is set to capitalise on Asia’s highly skilled population to create an educated, productive work force to bolster our economy in the future, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, said recently.


“Even with the Government’s unprecedented investment in tertiary education and up-skilling Australians, we need migrants who bring their specialist skills to Australia,’’ Chris Bowen said.


“The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper highlights the exciting opportunities for Australia’s growth as our neighbours further build trade and industrial strength.



People living in Western Sydney won’t have to travel into the CBD to experience the Sydney Festival or its popular Spiegeltent (entertainment tent) in the New Year.


An Art Nouveau Spiegeltent will be erected in Parramatta’s Prince Alfred Park next January as the centre of the Festival in Parramatta.


Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Arts, George Souris, said the 2012 Sydney Festival events in Western Sydney proved so popular that organisers have again planned an expanded programme for the 2013 festival.


A new set of guidelines launched recently aim to help mental health and social service providers better understand the complex effects of trauma on adult survivors of childhood abuse. 


The guidelines, funded by the Federal Government and developed by Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA), were launched today in Canberra by Minister for Mental Health Mark Butler. 


Mr Butler said the guidelines would contribute to our understanding of the implications of childhood abuse on mental health. 


“Evidence presented in the guidelines indicates that complex trauma from child abuse underlies a high number of mental health problems.”