"Happy 21st Birthday Carmi!" birthday cake and 21 cupcakes made by Mum Suzy "Happy 21st Birthday Carmi!" birthday cake and 21 cupcakes made by Mum Suzy

21 Wishes for Carmen Vien Marie Amos - Carmi


Photo/News from Port Pirie, S.A.

by Teresita Chivell


On Saturday, 18th May 2013, Carmi - unica hija of Radio Filipino presenter, Suzy Amos celebrated her 21st Birthday at home in Port Pirie with close friends and adopted families.


With the expertise of Boots Ladra, the Amos's place was transformed into a lively and colourful venue with green theme of drapes, balloons and big bows assisted by Fely Joyce,Teresita Chivell, Rico Azurin, Glenn Alcoreza & Bobby Castillo and the multi-coloured twinkling party lights decorated by Carmi's friend Sarah completed the party ambiance. And of course it's not a party without a good sound system and disco lights installed by Rowell Conde.



Father Francis Montero said Grace before guests partook the variety of hot dishes prepared by Mum Suzy and the tasty lechon - a birthday gift from Carmi's Ninang Tess Williams was cooked to perfection by Ben Veterana while

Jun Ladra was the lechon "chop man".


The highlight of the evening was the presentation of 21 red roses by Carmi's friends and adopted uncles, who took the celebrant to the dance floor before handing her over to Mum Suzy for an impromptu dance number, while Carmi's adopted aunties each lit a candle and gave their personal birthday wishes on entering into another phase of adulthood.


Slide show presentation of Carmi's 21 years was created by Alice Greig and the impressive tarpaulin was specially made in Manila.


An informal night of fun, dancing and catching up with friends who travelled from Adelaide, Pt. Augusta and nearby areas to be with Carmi on her special the presence of friends who love her...a memorable night that she will always remember. 



Suzy Amos and her unica hija - Carmi, the Birthday Girl




The birthday celebrant dancing with childhood friend Alby Greig,

on of the 21 friends who presented Carmi with a red rose.




Carmi and well-wishers




Carmi and Mum Suzy with adopted aunties, (l-r) Fely Joyce,Teresita Chivell,

Alice Greig, Jo Weerts, Carmi's Ninang Tess Williams and Cecille Crocker




Guests and helpers




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