Keeping Fit with Anti-Ageing Foods

by Neria Soliman
To reach out to the community on how to keep fit l participated in the project’ PINK OF HEALTH’ of the WASH (Women Self Help) house, where l lectured to multicultural women on how to prepare healthy and balanced meal based on the Basic Food Group to keep fit, healthy and for longeivity.
There are 10 Anti-Ageing foods:
1.       Garlic- it is anti oxidant as well as antibacterial
2.       Salmon- contain the good fatty acid, Omega-3
3.       Tea- Green tea have the most anti-oxidants and give the greatest free radical defense
4.       Tomatoes- contain lycopene which help skin from UV rays.  Good source of Vit C and E
5.       Berries- all berries are anti-oxidants, slow down the breakdown of Collagen in the skin
6.       Nuts-give good fats, Vit E and protein to prevent sagging of skin
7.       Spinach- contain Iron along with all green leafy vegetable which body needs to produce collagen
8.       Olive Oil- Natural moisturiser.  Rich in Essential fatty acid
9.       Water- body needs water to eliminate toxins
10.     Carrots- Rich in Vitamins A,B, C and beta-carotene.  They work as natural anti-oxidants
With my Dietetic background l often give diet instructions to friends who seek my input in weight loss program among others. I devised a weekly diet regimen which proved to be effected to most of these friends.  The diet instruction is simple i.e. to go FRUITARIAN every Monday  after a weekend of FEASTING, catching-up dinners, cocktails, parties and fiestas and VEGETATIAN on Fridays.
Here is the weekly DIET GUIDE, with Salad (no dressing) and fruits every meal
       SATURDAY and SUNDAY- FEASTING but on Moderation
 Below are my concocted recipes for HEALTHY FRUIT SMOOTHIES that can be taken twice when on FRUIT DIET.  FRESH FRUITS of course  are most advisable and less hassle.  Australia is a country of bountiful fruits which are cheap when in season.  These fresh fruit make good smoothies, which you can enjoy  on fruit diet.  You will need a blender and variety of fruits to choose from. As we all know fruits are rich in Vit A,and C which are anti-oxidants.
Some TIPS for smoothies are:
1.        Use ripe fruits.
2.        Have a base like apple juice or orange juice to boost the flavour
3.        Use LOW FAT milk or yoghurt
4.        Freeze smoothies in small containers.  It serves as a delicious alternative to ice cream and frozen delights.
5.        For iced smoothies it is best to use small ice cubes or crushed ice
6.        Make flavoured ice cubes of juices.  Be sure to select pure fruit juice without additives or sugar
7.        Add healthy nuts to boost the nutritional value of your smoothie.
  Below are my concocted recipes for Fruit Smoothies:
1 cup Lime juice
1 kiwi fruit, peeled
1 medium Banana chopped
¼ cup Low fat Yoghurt
Orange ice cubes
Sesame seed
1 cup Coco Juice
1 small Avocado
¼ C Coconut flesh
¼ cup Low fat milk
1 drop of Vanilla
4 ice cubes crushed together in the blendor



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