CLUB FILIPINO ILLAWARRA-USTAA “Charity & Friendship”Dinner/Dance’12

A polished welcome, being a Toastmaster Club champion, was delivered by Dr Myrna Jover during the CFI-USTAA Dinner/Dance on Saturday, 6 October 2012.  She welcomed and gratefully acknowledged the lively group of guests and acknowledged specially the presence of APCO guest Jhun Salazar, the President, Dr Cen Amores, the founding President and Ruben Amores, Kapit-bahayan, founding President on behalf of both CFI and USTAA.  Of course she also acknowledged and pleased to see so many friends from Wollongong and many attendees from Sydney.   And thanked everyone for making the effort to attend. 


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    CFI Management Committee for 2012-2013 being inducted                 Far right: Jhun Salazar, APCO President presiding during 

    by Jhun Salazar, APCO President. L-R: Mir McCadey,                       USTAA Illawarra & Sydney Oath taking. (l-r) Albert Prias,

    Chairperson; Joe Bitabara, Vice Chairperson; Malyn                          Director-External; Raquel Garcia, member; Noemi Ognilla, 

    Vasquez, Treasurer; Fe Bitabara, Asst Treasurer; Noemi                     Secretary; Myrna Jover, President; Linda Trinidad, Treasurer,

    Ognilla, Secretary; Irene Valera, Asst. Secretary; Sylvia                      Mir McCauley, member; Mely Nacilla, member and Rudy

    Petterson, PRO; Merly Edmonson, Social & Fundraising;                   Reyes, Director-Internal

    Keith Edmonson Snr, Public Officer; cynthia Piccirilli, Arts;

    Saida Vidler, Asst. Arts; Analou Ackroyd, Asst. PRO.


She expound on the reasons for the combined CLUB FILIPINO ILLAWARRA-USTAA, Illawarra & Sydney gathering first and foremost is because as both are founding members of APCO they feel there’s a bond that link them since APCO’s inception.  They both believe there’s power in cooperation.  And they both share the same visions and dreams; the ultimate goal is to be able to help some of our disadvantaged “kababayans” in the Philippines. 


They also both believe that doing a medical mission in the future lies within CFI & USTAA reach and so will take full advantage of their combined resources.  But a great deal of work is of course necessary and must continue to find ways to reach the set goals through fundraising and raffles which they are doing only in a small scale, in-house raffle during the night.  She emphasized that the task would be simple with the help of Filipinos themselves, like the ones present who will support and enjoy doing so.


Before she ended, she asked who among the attendees are wearing pink as October is breast cancer awareness month; I happened to have the Pink Ribbon from Cancer Council and put it on.  She advised that there is a new 3D Technology for diagnosing breast cancer which give a more reliable diagnosis of breast lumps.  And that it is necessary to see everyone’s GP this month to have a check up and ask about what’s this new technology. Glad I had a test done and came out negative.  I always do this every two years from Cancer Council reminder which they automatically send.


She concluded to say, “October is more than  just Pink Ribbon month but more about the many who suffer with the disease and that if we have a dollar to spare to donate to please do so because it will go a long way.” (by Noemi Ognilla, Secretary CFI & USTAA, Illawarra & Sydney)


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         Attendees from APCO - Sydney, with Mir McCauley, Myrna Jover                 l-r) Malyn Vasquez, Myrna Jover, Lita Gorman, Raquel 

   & Malyn Vasquez. (l-r) Seated: Richard Ford, Jhun Salazar with                   Josephine Garcia, Merly Edmonson, Lina Galang &   

   his sister and Emylee Tuzon. Standing: Mir, Myrna, Roberto                         Noemi Ognilla

   Socillito, Joe Brewington, Cora Perez, Mick Miguel, Violy Miguel,

   Cen Amores, Linda Trinidad, Emma Braceros, Vivian Brewington, 

      Mellie Connelly and Malyn.



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     More Maharlika dancers with Albert Prias the emcee and also               Maharlika with Espy & Rey Megino posed after their fabu-

     singer for the night                                                                            lous Broadway song and dance numbers.


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     Dr Cen Amores receiving a Certificate             Dr Myrna Jover received from Jhun                 Seasoned performer Brian Lorenz

     of Appreciation from Mir McCauley for           Salazar 3 certificates for USTAA as a              Babon belted a few songs

     her contribution to the Filipino                       founding member organisation, 

     Community in her capacity as, APCO              donation, and participation during the 

     Founding President, Federal People of            Freedom Ball.

     Australia Ambassador, NSW Fiipino

     Ministerial Consultative Committee,                                          

     Outstanding Women of the West '12 by 

     UWS, CRC Multicultural March Advisory

     Board, Kapitbahayan Chair for Mem-

     bership Development and Adviser to 







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        (l-r) Emylee Tuzon, Emma Braceros, Mellie Connelly,                 Linda Trinidad sung a song from Mindanao while Emma

        Victor Valdez, Brian Lorenz Babon performed a modern              Braceros & Emylee Tuzon danced with the music

        dance number


        6               10

        (l-r) Justine & Celine dela Cruz, Hannah & Nicole Jover                   It was my turn this time, Noemi, Zorayda Hazel & 

        wowing the crowd with their performance                                         Malyn Vasquez


                16              10

                May Bitabara Jackson posed for photo after                        Noemi, Zorayda Hazel and Malyn Vasquez

                winning the raffle


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        Enjoying dancing were Tina Lazlo, Edna Steele, Dida                  They were joined in the dance floor by Rob Soligo, Johna

        Garin, Fe Bitabara, Irene Valera and Dorie Piaggio                    Bitabara, Done Grahame & Mila Gooley


              18          19

                                                  Next day CFI-APCO picnic by the lake, a thank you gesture for the attendees and performers from Sydney



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