Melbourne, Victoria relatives family reunion and Inang Gorya’s centenary at St. Agatha’s Resort Guiguinto, Bulacan


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When I first arrived in Australia on March, 1988 I knew that on my mother’s side we have relatives in Melbourne, Australia. My mother’s cousin Uncle Raff and his wife Arlene were one of the first Filipino immigrant in the early 1970’s who settled in Melbourne, Australia. When I first met my Australian husband in the Philippines and eventually he sponsored me to come to Australia we got married and my relatives from Victoria came over to Sydney and have supported me on my wedding day and stood as our wedding sponsors.


The Gonzales siblings from Malolos, Bulacan have 3 families one is Raff & Arlene Valencia Gonzales from North Eltham, Victoria, Medy & Vic Valencia from Tarneit,Victoria and Pablo “Pabs” & Elizabeth Flores Gonzales from North Vermont, Victoria. Their children all grew up in their adopted Australian state of Victoria and well over finished their studies and have their respective career and some of them have their own families.


The Gonzales family from Ligas, Malolos, Bulacan the late Norberto Gerona Gonzales my late grandmother Carmen Gerona Gonzales’ brother from Bocaue, Bulacan both deceased was the family’s patriarch and Gregoria “Inang Gorya” Sanchez Gonzales was his wife from Ligas, Malolos, Bulacan. “Inang Gorya” have celebrated her 100th year and all her children from Australia 3 of them and their families flew from Melbourne, Victoria to celebrate with her 100th centenary celebration last March 12th 2014 at St. Agatha’s Resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan.


All her children in Melbourne. Victoria Raff & Arlene and their family children and grandchildren, Medy & Vic Valencia with their son Rodney and Pabs and Elizabeth Gonzales with their daughter Giselle, Allan and Andrei together with the rest of the other brothers and sister in the Philippines have a family reunion and celebrated with the rest of all the family and friends from the Philippines and some from overseas.


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