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Debit authority and the disadvantage!

Financial institutions, service providers, or banks, insurance and utility billls, etc all wanted their bills or statements paid through or bank or financial institutions. This is of course understandable.But what is not understandable is how they charges us in the event of any dispute and we want it stop.

These institutions using debit to take payments do not tell us exactly the manner to stop payment and despite our request this will be unheeded and money continues to be taken out despite some dispute.

I have my fitness gym whom I authorized to take regular payments from my account when due. To some issues I raised, I want it stopped, however, despite my proper notice it continues take money and by the time we made the complaint theres is nothing you can do, charges has been made to our account.

I confronted the service provider, why they are doing it, what it says, is thst I have to cancel the contract to be able to stop my payment. This is ridiculous and despite our advance payment they will cancel the contract to stop the debit.

If it is not too urgent or important better not use debit authority. You can either pay 3 months or 6 months in some instances and get away from taking money from your account.


Our Philippine trip

It is noteworthy that my recent trip with my wife is mixed with excitement and sadness with the kind of life as we see.

The number of people we saw in the street and how they have difficulties going through their lives. The transport system, you have to run and experience the hustle of taking a seat, the number of people struggling to get it and when you are seated comfortably, find someone trying to sell you her or his stuff to make a living. Filipino has to contend with bus, MRT train in metro Manila and other form of transportation except a more modern transport like train going to regional areas. But the public can enjoy travelling from Metro Manila to Mindanao by bus. It is a long way by bus but the public can afford this less expensive cost than travelling by air or sea.

Another problem we can see is the justice system and despite our knowledge that this is not working we tend to forget it and go on with our life. But this should not happen and because whether we like it or not it will affect us.

The government with 3 branches such as legislative, executive and judiciary should work together to improve the life of the people through a system that is working. It is not just the responsibility of President Noynoy Aquino to this government system is working. The public is struggling with almost everything. No one will effectively invest to this country if we have no justice system that is efficiently working. Take a simple case where the investor extend credit or loan, but the client or benefactor does not pay and bring him or her to account in court. But this court is bribed to work and who would like it? We have case in Department of Agrarian for ejectment or for unlawful detainer and after submitting the case for resolution, the case file or record is said to be lost and could not be found and could not make a decision. How bizarre!

Respondents or defendants to this ejectment are happy because they enjoy the use of property without paying the real owners. The only way to find the alleged lost file is to bribe the personnel.

The corruption in the Philippines is pervasive and done with our two eyes open. The church or everyone hates gambling, prostitution and other forms of unlawful business and yet people who are fighting for it are losing battle and nowhere to be found. The government is doing nothing about corruption and if it is doing to prosecute witnesses died before it is finally prosecuted. Eventually these cases of corruption will lead to nothing.

The standard of living in the Philippines is getting worse. It is unimaginable to see prices of commodities, fruits, etc vary from place to place.

Let’s join hands to nelp our country.

Let’s work out and see who needs or what business to be legalised and what we need to do with the justice system. Let’s talk about and not just put them under the carpet.


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